• China Merchants Park One Marketing Center & Model House Opens Stunningly
  • 环厦楼盘 Group purchase discount properties
    Merchants · Lanxi Valley
    Zhonghai · Fengfengtai
    International Trade Tianyue
    Emerald Bay
    Taihe Mingsheng · Xiamen Bay
    Poly Sanjiandong | One Mile, a Xiamen landmark on the East China Sea, stands in the core circle of the city's central axis. The official investment of 200 billion yuan shows that this is the birthplace of a new landmark of the world's top luxury home
    Fubon · Shangshang City 3.8 million enjoys the city garden garden villa to start your courtyard life
    Shimao's splendid three-bedroom units are almost zero-sharing!
    Recently, the appreciation meeting of Jianfa Real Estate Commercial Merchants, which "excellent in the heart and outstanding in the outside", opened in Xiamen, and nearly a hundred well-known domestic and foreign brand representatives gathered.