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科学治疗夜尿症提高生活品质 2019/06 / 24Scientific treatment of nocturia improves quality of life

朋友圈允许查看范围新增“最近一个月”,漂流瓶永久下线! 2019/05/14 Added "Last month" to the viewing area, drifting bottle will be offline forever!

供电小哥在百米高塔上“荡秋千”? 2019/04/19 Powered brother "swings" on a 100-meter-high tower? Look scary

山林间的“神行太保” 2019/04/17 " Shenxing Taibao" in the mountains and forests

泛在电力物联网能减少停电? 2019/04 / 17Ubiquitous Electricity Internet of Things can reduce power outages?

首场情绪疗愈空间登陆厦门! 2019/01/24 The first mood healing space is landing in Xiamen!

摩拜单车荣获第20届中国专利奖胡玮炜:以创新聚焦业务精准升级 2018/12 / 11Mobike won the 20th China Patent Award Hu Weiwei: Focus on innovation and precise upgrade of business

凭一通电话就能识别你的身份厦门快商通研发声纹识别技术助金融行业识别信贷反欺诈 2018/11 / 28Identify your identity with a phone callXiamen Express develops voiceprint recognition technology to help the financial industry identify credit and anti-fraud

Kindle Paperwhite全球同步上市 2018/11/02 Kindle Paperwhite goes global

后置四摄手机登陆中国三星Galaxy A系列正式发布 2018/10 / 26The rear four-camera phone officially launched in China's Samsung Galaxy A series

厉害了! 2018/08/14 Great ! Blue cursor opens AI robot writing era marketing industry will be completely subverted

研究称:出差有损健康患高血压概率或高出92% 2018/08/14 Research claims that business trips may be harmful to health and the risk of hypertension may be 92% higher

WeGame下架《怪物猎人:世界》 腾讯游戏业务或受影响 2018/08/13 WeGame delists "Monster Hunter: World" Tencent game business may be affected

2018人才经济论坛:敏捷时代的HR战略 2018/08/13 2018 Talent Economy Forum: HR Strategy in the Agile Age

新闻分析:人类首个“触日”之旅三大看点 2018/08 / 13News Analysis: Three Highlights of Human's First "Touching the Sun" Journey

帕克太阳探测器发射升空开启历时7年的逐日之旅 2018/08/13 Parker Solar Detector launches into 7-day day trip

黑客大会Defcon上360独角兽现场揭秘“查水表”陷阱! 2018/08 / 13Defcon at the Hacker Conference 360 Unicorn Live Reveals "Water Meter" Trap!

日本黑科技! 2018/08/12 Japanese black technology! Japan's Astellas to make vaccine from rice

日本音响巨头陷入窘境先锋向其他企业求援 2018/08 / 12Japanese audio giant is in a dilemma and the pioneer asks for help from other companies

博通联合创始人涉嫌贩毒在“赌城”被捕 2018/08/12 Broadcom co-founder arrested for drug trafficking in "gambling city"

工信部:到2020年98%行政村实现光纤通达和4G覆盖 2018/08/12 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: 98% of administrative villages to achieve fiber access and 4G coverage by 2020

滴滴要用青桔替换小黄车? 2018/08 / 12Didi wants to replace the little yellow car with oranges ? ofo denies: completely fictional

华为“隔空喊话”三星:这才是真正的升级迭代 2018/08/12 Huawei " speaks from the air" Samsung: This is the real upgrade iteration

美科学家开发电子机器人“皮肤”:比人类的还敏感 2018/08 / 12US scientists develop electronic robot "skin": more sensitive than human

Otic K2风车便携蓝牙音箱测评:用音乐带你走进爱琴海 2018/08/12 Otic K2 windmill portable Bluetooth speaker evaluation: take you into the Aegean Sea with music

受全球气候变暖影响黑寡妇活动范围大面积扩大 2018/08 / 12Affected by Global Warming

NASA研发外太空生命体探测车寻找地球生命的源头 2018/08/12 NASA develops outer space life detection vehicle to find the source of life on Earth

2018Botball机器人国际总决赛落幕中国代表队斩获卓越工程奖一等奖 2018/08/01 2018 Botball Robot International Finals China Team Wins First Prize of Engineering Excellence Award

京东好评高达99% OPPO Find X热销用户好评爆表 2018/07 / 27Jingdong praises up to 99% of OPPO Find X's best-selling users

云迹科技致敬“机器人之父”,恩格尔伯格诞辰93周年 2018/07 / 26Cloudmark pays tribute to “Father of Robots”, Engelberg ’s 93rd birthday

人类登月日| 你与宇宙星空只差一枚腕表的距离 2018/07/26 Human moon landing day | You are only one watch away from the cosmic starry sky

科技力MAX! 2018/07 / 26Tech Power MAX! OPPO Find X design process breaks through the bottleneck

网络主播呈职业化趋势酷狗直播学院打造中国好主播 2018/07 / 26Webcasters present a professional trend

Facebook要进中国,蓝色光标等会率先成为赢家么? 2018/07/26 Facebook wants to enter China. Will Blue Cursor be the first to win?

轻松筹旗下轻松互助引领行业发展累计划拨互助金1.86亿成互助行业代名词 2018/07 / 26Easy to raise its easy mutual assistance to lead the development of the industry tired plan to allocate 186 million yuan in mutual assistance

Opera将于7月27日在纳斯达克挂牌上市,瞄准增量市场前景可期 2018/07/26 Opera will be listed on Nasdaq on July 27, aiming at the prospect of incremental market

被AI“神化”的机器翻译,或许需要AI+人工来破除 2018/07/25 Machine translation "deified" by AI may require AI + labor to break it

深圳两张城市名片的融合,大疆携手QQ超级会员开启跨界之旅 2018/07 / 24The integration of Shenzhen's two city business cards, DJI and QQ super members start a cross-border journey

当华为路由遇上美的空调遥控器可以扔掉了 2018/07 / 24When Huawei router meets Midea's air conditioner remote control, it can be thrown away

第三方手机维修平台林立,千机网为何一枝独秀? 2018/07 / 21Three third-party mobile phone repair platforms are on the rise, why is Qianjiwang thriving?

上榜世界500强,JAT为什么这样红 2018/07/21 Listed in the world's top 500, why JAT is so popular

快传播:一夜爆红的品牌是如何做到的 2018/07 / 21Fast Communication: How did the brand that became popular overnight

正邪之战稳如泰山,揭秘姜文《邪不压正》背后的硬科技 2018/07/20 The battle of righteousness and evil is as stable as Mount Tai , revealing the hard technology behind Jiang Wen's " Evilness Doesn't Press Right "

同盾声纹大赛——等你来战 2018/07 / 20Same Shield Voiceprint Contest-waiting for you to fight

未来旗舰揭秘OPPO Find X是如何诞生的 2018/07 / 20Future flagship reveals how OPPO Find X was born

精彩预告:Cloud Insight Conference 2018 主会议程揭晓 Highlights of July 20, 2018: Cloud Insight Conference 2018 main meeting agenda announced

地图“小程序”的大玩法四维图新助你快乐暑期行 2018/07 / 19Small gameplay of map "mini-program" helps you happy summer trip

手机产业最强盛宴:十多万观众争先参与 2018/07 / 19The strongest feast in the mobile phone industry: more than 100,000 viewers rush to participate

OPPO Find X逆风而行的背后:创新、创新、顽固的创新 2018/07/19 Behind the OPPO Find X headwind: innovation, innovation, stubborn innovation

推想科技亮相中国互联网大会,首次提出“云平台+本地化”部署 2018/07 / 19Science and Technology debuted at China Internet Conference, and first proposed "cloud platform + localization" deployment

3E·2018北京国际人工智能大会在京开幕暨颁奖仪式顺利举行 2018/07/19 3E · 2018 Beijing International Artificial Intelligence Conference Opening and Award Ceremony Held in Beijing

孩子看电视会变笨? 2018/07 / 19Will children become stupid when watching TV? NO, that's because you haven't encountered Storm AI TV yet!

科技赋能下的用户体验创新比比租房将重磅上线 2018/07 / 18Innovation ratio of user experience under technology empowerment

QQ指数告诉你“95后”看世界杯都看点啥? 2018/07/18 The QQ Index tells you what to watch in the World Cup after the ' 95s ?

联想也要做偶像养成? 2018/07 / 18Lenovo also wants to develop idols? 2018 Lenovo summer internship to find out!

极光大数据:健身运动app用户过亿, 女性对减肥健身更为热衷 2018/07/18 Aurora Big Data: Fitness app has over 100 million users, women are more enthusiastic about weight loss and fitness

京东安全发布三大最新研究成果让AI真正For Security 2018/07 / 18Jingdong Security releases three latest research results to make AI truly For Security

一年一度科技盛宴开启在即,RoboMaster机甲大师总决赛亮点提前看 2018/07 / 18The annual technological feast is about to start, RoboMaster finals highlights look ahead

CHIMA2018 | CLEAR柯丽尔惊喜呈现四大“新”亮点 2018/07/18 CHIMA2018 | CLEAR presents four "new" highlights

“和动力”新零售迎来全球首个AI虚拟生命 2018/07/18 " Hedong " new retail welcomes the world's first AI virtual life