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Real estate fake ads "painted" deep routine

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Real estate fake ads "painted" deep routine

"We need to exaggerate the advantages of the project as much as possible and use imaginative and guiding vocabulary to stimulate consumers' purchasing desires." Said a senior real estate advertising industry source.

"Economic Reference" reporters found that some advertisements that looked "tall and tall" actually contained "subtext" that was difficult to tell. For example, "rare real estate, sitting quiet" may be "the project is relatively remote and the surrounding area is not popular enough"; "thousand acres of large market, mature community" may be "the development cycle is relatively long"; "lake view house, water landscape garden", It may be "there is a small puddle in the community, there may be a fence around the pit" ... From the project location, road traffic, to surrounding facilities, future planning, real estate advertisements are full of false words. These false and illegal advertisements are not only traditional in Appeared in the media and spread to social media.

False words

"10 minutes to the high-speed rail station", "check-in to a prestigious school", "30-year long cash cow" ... behind these seductive promises, but it is a set of tricks.

"It has the most intensive transportation resources in Zhengdong New District ... 10 minutes to Zhengzhou East High-speed Railway East Station ... 20 minutes to Zhengzhou South High-speed Railway Station and Xinzheng International Airport." A reporter from the Economic Reference Daily recently visited the official website of Zhengzhou Real Estate Company, See this introduction of a real estate.

The reporter found that the real estate was more than 14 kilometers straight from the Zhengzhou High-speed Railway East Station, and more than 26 kilometers from Xinzheng International Airport. There is a stop from Zhengzhou High-speed Railway East Station to the intercity railway station about 3 kilometers north of the building. Ticket information shows that it takes 13 minutes. The reporter drove the distance. There were about 10 traffic lights along the way, and it took more than 30 minutes to finish.

People in the industry have said that many people use false time to mark distances with time. Wuhan recently announced two cases. One was a real estate advertisement saying that "the passenger station can be reached within 5 minutes, and travel is smooth and hassle-free," and the other was that the developer claimed that it was "6 kilometers from the city center and only 15 minutes by car from the city center." , Was investigated and punished as a false advertisement.

There are also some real estate advertisements claiming to buy a house and go to a prestigious school, but they are actually "empty guns" in violation of regulations. Article 18 of the "Regulations on the Publication of Real Estate Advertisements" stipulates that real estate advertisements must not include an undertaking that the advertiser can handle hukou, employment, further education, etc. for the resident. However, a reporter from the Economic Reference Daily found in mid-July that an on-sale property in a certain city in the central city said in a project display on its official website that "all age books are in full service, culture is prevailing ... schools signed an agreement, Check in to enroll. "

The reporter called the sales hotline, and the operator responded, "Is it written on our official website? I ask the plan, I feel this is not right." She said she was not clear about the promise and said that it would be better to go to another one. School. The reporter found that the school promised in the advertisement was established in 2013 and then changed its name. Staff at the school responded that the realtor's claim was false and don't believe it.

And many of those who are often called "first" and "most" are bluffing. Tianjin's advertising supervision department has found during the supervision that a real estate company publishes an outdoor real estate advertisement, claiming that it is "the quality of property services in China", because it failed to provide valid certification materials, allegedly violated the advertising law, and ultimately determined to be a release False advertising was fined 200,000 yuan by the market supervision department.

In addition, there are some real estate advertisements that flicker investment and make steady gains, and illegally promote appreciation returns. China's advertising law clearly stipulates that real estate advertisements must not contain promises of appreciation or return on investment. Lanzhou has investigated and dealt with illegal use of the terms "living, investment value has been bullish", "steadily earning wealth, and ensuring income" on the propaganda display of developers. Nanning City has investigated and dealt with illegal promises such as "30-year long cash cow, the first three years of return of more than 36%, high-yield investment." The reporter found in an interview in Zhengzhou that a developer posted a slogan of the "10-year Asset Rise Plan".

Liu Junhai, a professor at the Law School of Renmin University of China, said that false advertising in real estate is now widespread and widespread. In addition to the false advertisements in traditional media, they also spread to social media, and even webcasts, spam messages, and spam calls.

Advertisers stage "strongest brain"

"Scarcity of real estate, sitting quiet" "Thousands of acres of market, mature community" ... Such a "noble and noble" advertising word, what "hidden lines"?

"Economic Reference" reporter interviewed a number of real estate advertising, sales staff learned that in the real estate development and sales process, advertising plays an important role in increasing awareness and speeding up sales progress. Some real estate advertisements do their best for packaging, and there are many routines: emphasis on “top luxury homes” and “high-end tastings” in taste, emphasis on “exquisite workmanship”, “craftsmanship” in sales, and “hot sales in the city” and “hot” "Add more push", and some ordinary buildings, named "di", "villa", "court" and so on.

Mr. Wang, who has been engaged in real estate advertising for decades in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, said that advertisers began to get involved not long after the developers got the land. In the case of unclear planning and unclear design, portraying a wasteland as a "high-end comfortable" living environment is a test of the "imagination" of advertising designers.

In Zhengzhou, reporters saw that some real estate advertisements boasted that “Zheng Nan rarely has a secret place”, some claim to “carry the banner of the Central Plains Harmonious Habitat”, and some have the arrogance of saying “Famous in the Central Plains”, and some advertisements are brainwashing The slogan seduces home buyers, such as "Do not leave home, enter the golden bucket, maybe just a street shop function" "You are away from the rich list, maybe just a distance from a shop" "How can we make grandson become 'rich "Three generations", maybe just a street shop problem "and so on.

In order to circumvent regulations, advertisers are doing everything possible to fight the ball. "For example, real estate advertisements do not allow school districts to be mentioned, then we say 'reading loudly'; if the subway station is still being planned, then the words 'under planning' should be printed as small as possible. No one can see, "Mr. Wang said.

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