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Zhongshan Road Reveals: Who Designed the Quanzhou Bell Tower?

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路上三岗亭。 One north-south street, two east-west towers, and three sentry boxes on the road.

Taiwan Straits Network, December 31, according to Quanzhou.com This is the image description of the ancient city of Quanzhou in that year. It can be seen that in addition to the east-west tower and Zhongshan Road, the three sentry boxes on Zhongshan Road have also left a deep impression. One of the two sentry boxes located on the south gate and Tumen street no longer exists. Another sentry box was set up in the bell tower, which is one of the landmark buildings in Quanzhou.

Old man has seen the clock tower design drawings

In the 1950s, under the scorching sun, people pushed and pulled scooters and rode bicycles past the clock tower. This is also the earliest photograph of the clock tower. (Lin Shuikun / Photo)

The bell tower is located at the intersection of East Street and West Street, South Zhongshan Road and North Road. It was built in 1934 and completed in 1935. It is 13.8 meters high and has been over 80 years ago.

The bell tower is a reinforced concrete structure, and the lower end is a four-legged separate chassis. The second floor space can be reached through an iron ladder. There are four circular clocks on the second floor hanging on four sides. The clock only has hour and minute hands. Outside is a glass bell jar. At the top of the bell tower is a direction sign with "Southeast, Northwest".

The bell tower has a traditional Chinese arch shape on the underframe, and the simple lines of Western architecture as a whole, which are exceptionally fresh and elegant.

The bell tower in the 1980s, the post and telecommunications office in the front left, and the yellow building in the back is the Wujiao company.

There are many historical records of the bell tower, but it is difficult to verify who the designer is. Through many visits, an old man living in Zhenfu Lane near the bell tower was finally contacted. The old man was named Xin Meisong, born in 1931, 1954. A graduate of Zhejiang Agricultural College (has been incorporated into Zhejiang University), he has a deep affection for this bell tower younger than himself, because he grew up near the bell tower from an early age and saw the design drawings of the bell tower that year.

Simmeson recalled his childhood.

Xin Meisong said that according to the available data, the designer of the clock tower was a British designer, and according to his own judgment, the British designer mentioned in the data was probably the engineer Lei Wenzhang of Zhongshan Road.

Sim Meisong analyzed that in 1923, Lei Wenyu, an international student at the University of Edinburgh, was hired as an engineer on Zhongshan Road. I remember that Lei Wenyu lived in the former residence of Chen Guangchun, Zhongshan Road. His wife often wore high heels and was very foreign. Later, Lei Wenyu was still in town. Buying property near No. 36 Fuxiang. His father Xin Chunyuan was a student of Lei Wenyu. Born in 1897, he used Lei Wenyu to design Zhongshan Road. He also participated in the design of the 72 Martyrs' Monument and Zhong'an Bus Station in Zhongshan Park. I have seen the design drawings of the bell tower, as well as the communication between my father and the architect Liang Sicheng. Although this design drawing has been lost, it is not difficult to analyze that the bell tower has a great connection with Lei Wenzhang and his father Xin Chunyuan.

Xin Meisong feels that the reason for the construction of the bell tower should not be the widely-spread saying that the county magistrate paid apology to repair the bell tower. The most likely reason is the new life movement in 1934, which includes punctuality, conservation, etc. .

On the evening of the Lantern Festival in 1979, the mass cultural activities in Quanzhou began to recover, and the street teams passed the clock tower. (Yang Xiangxian / Photo)

According to Dr. Huang Fang, the director of the History Library of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, the female nurse Huang Binbin and Li Tianyou arranged a marriage in the saying that the county magistrate apologized and apologized for repairing the bell tower. Huang departed and asked for divorce. Li Tianyou coordinated with Jinjiang County Mayor Wu Shixian Shen Fazao, a brigade commander of a KMT garrison, was looking for Wu Shixian, and happened to meet Nurse Huang. He coveted his beauty, and asked Wu to promote it. The director of Wu Yue Pingmin Hospital brought Nurse Huang to the county to give Wu County's mother a medical treatment. Chief Lv. Shen and Huang had the opportunity to be alone, Shen Yu attempted to commit wrongdoing, Huang refused, and then committed suicide.

Huang Binbin's tragic death caused a sensation in the society. At that time, Liming High School students joined Pei Yuan Peiying and other schools to form a support party. In the name of the "Jinjiang Youth Solidarity Huang Binbin Massacre Conference", they formed a solidarity petition team of more than 100 people and asked Wu Shixian to handle the law. In 1934, Wu Shixian resigned from the post of Jinjiang County. Soon after, Yu Gongwu took over as county head, and he advocated a new policy. Since 1935, Zhang Sizhen (same as "Lin") succeeded the county head and also attached great importance to the construction of county administration, including the construction of the bell tower.

In 2008, Quanzhou Bell Tower was featured on the cover of China Horizon Magazine, which was published in Japan. Photographer Chen Zixuan introduced that this Bell Tower photo condenses architectural features such as the south tower and the red tile roof.

In the 1970s, the sports-street-walking team came from the south to the north, and after passing the bell tower, the Christian Quannan Church was not far away. (Huang Baining / Photo)

According to Quanren, a Taiwanese compatriot born in Quanzhou, born in 1925, remembers that the clock face on the boy's clock tower is five or six feet long. Standing under the drum tower on four streets in the northeast and southwest, you can clearly see the clock face time. With electric lights, you can see it at night. On all sides, the inscriptions of dignitaries were engraved. One of them was written by the county magistrate Zhang Sizhen at the time of construction. Unfortunately, the words were forgotten.

The clock tower before the surrounding renovation.

Wang Renrui still remembers that from 1939 to 1940, there were anti-Japanese righteous men in Quanzhou, who ventured across the sea at night to sneak in on Kinmen Island. At that time, Kinmen had fallen into the hands of Japanese invaders. The righteous man returned from the first rank of the traitor. The traitor was named Lang Shouchen, a Northeast man, and the pseudo-Golden Gate Commissioner. The head of Lang Shouchen was hung on the bell tower. At that time, Wang Renrui was studying at the provincial Jinjiang Junior High School. Fearful, I asked a few classmates to go and see each other. I saw a purple-black thing tied with iron wire and hung on the west side of the bell tower. After returning home, I didn't dare to get up and urinate at night, as if the thing was still there. Shocked in front of me, so far I still want to come.

Xin Meisong recalled that the clock tower of the year was not the quartz clock of today, but the mechanical clockwork winder. It used to be the only public clock in Quanzhou. There were electric lights installed early on the bell tower, one on each side, and it was probably the earliest modern street lamp in Quanzhou. Later, during the transformation on Zhongshan Road, the mechanical clock was replaced with a quartz clock, and neon lights were also installed. Sim Meisong was deeply impressed by the traitor's first-level incident that year. In addition, he still remembers the signature of "Jinjiang County Mayor Zhang Sijian" on the north left of the middle of the bell tower.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the bell tower, the specially designated personnel of the municipal department went to the bell tower for inspection on a regular basis. The picture shows the regular maintenance and repair of the night view lighting project of the clock tower by the municipal staff.

This is a picture taken from the scaffold during the repair of the clock tower around 2000, when some buildings on North Zhongshan Road had not been demolished. (Photo by Lin Shuikun)

You can climb the bell tower through the internal iron ladder.

The clock structure can be seen from inside the bell tower.

Inside the bell tower, the sledgehammer used to retract the stairs.

Looking at West Street from the bell tower, the view is excellent.

In the heart of the ancient city,

The bell tower stood for more than 80 years,

Since the Republic of China,

Four non-stop clocks,

With the people of Quanzhou going through ups and downs,

Step into the longing for life together.

An old name near the clock tower: Joseph Pen Club

At 338 Zhongshan Middle Road near the clock tower, there was a well-known "Joseph Pen Club". This shop has changed from pen repair, typewriter repair, camera repair and photo development. The 70-year-old business has continued to this day.

The above picture was taken in 1985 by Joseph Pen Club, No. 338 Zhongshan Road. At that time, the traditional facade was used, and the wooden boards can be removed. From left to right in the picture are Joseph, Shi Zhiren, his mother, and his elder brother. (Shi Zhiren / Photo)

After 2000, the shop was rented out, and the words "Joseph Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd." were left on the wall. (Shi Zhiren / Photo)

Now at No. 338 Zhongshan Middle Road, the words Joseph have been removed.

Shi Zhiren ’s grandfather once opened a western hospital called “Qinren” in Xiamen . His father, Shi Yuanhui, did not read any books. He came to Quanzhou from Xiamen to make a living, started selling snacks on the street, and met a doctor at a time. Will Shi Yuanhui repair pens? Shi Yuanhui said to try it, but he did not expect that he had perfected the pen without a teacher, and his reputation became more and more famous. Later, he rented a shop to repair the pen for himself. In 1950, "Joseph Pen Club" opened in Zhongshan Road . In addition to fountain pens, Shi Yuanhui also learned to repair medical equipment and typewriters, with exquisite craftsmanship, reasonable prices, and widespread popularity.

Porcelain plate made 2 years after the opening of the Joseph Pen Club in 1952.

In 1952, the commemorative porcelain plate of the Joseph Fountain Pen Society had distinctive era features.

The shop name "Joseph" comes from Shi Yuanhui's Christian nickname. This is the 1980s when Shi Yuanhui researched the camera in the shop. (Shi Zhiren / Photo)

In the 1960s, Shi Yuanhui came into contact with the camera, but he did not expect to soon become a repair expert and became an earlier camera repair shop in Quanzhou.

After the reform and opening up, "Joseph" began operating pens, cameras, and photographic equipment. Shi Yuanhui bought the store in Zhongshan Middle Road and renamed "Joseph Pen Club" to "Joseph Photo Equipment Store". At that time, business was booming. Shi Zhiren recalled that at that time, half of the cameras purchased by Quanzhou people were bought in Joseph.

Around 2000, "Joseph" moved to Zhongshan South Road. The original store was rented out to others, and the "Joseph" Zhongshan South Road era began.

An old name near the clock tower: Meison Dental Clinic

The old name "Mei Sheng Dental Clinic" near the clock tower was created by Mr. Sheng Jiuchang. It is located at No. 417-423 Zhongshan Middle Road. The word "Mei Sheng Dental Clinic" is already a little fuzzy on the top of the building. The inscriptions with long history are "One Way of Hygiene" inscribed by Mr. Sun Yat-sen, and the deposit is "Sun Wen's Gift".

According to Sheng Mingchang, a descendant of Sheng Jiuchang Dental, his grandfather Sheng Jiuchang was born in Nan'an in 1880. He was born in Yangon, Myanmar in 1880. He returned to China at the age of five. He was impoverished when he was a child. At the age of 14, Nandu made a living in Singapore. He started his career as a dentist in Germany. In 1906, Sheng Jiuchang joined the Confederation in Singapore. In recognition of his contribution to the revolution, Sun Yat-sen gave an encouragement to himself with the words "One Way of Health".

From 1906 to 1907, Sheng Jiuchang returned to Quanzhou to participate in the revolution. In 1911, the treasure was made into a wooden plaque. The original five-character "Comrade Sheng Jiuchang" inscribed by Sun Yat-sen was originally used. After the restoration of Quanzhou, the society was not peaceful. Sheng Jiuchang, deputy director of the Quanzhou Branch Organization Unit, was worried about retaliation from the enemy. He didn't engraved these five words when making the plaque. Unfortunately, the plaque was destroyed in the 1960s.

Sheng Mingjie introduced that Sheng Jiuchang retired and opened a “Meisheng Dental Clinic” in Zhongshan Road. Previously, dentists in Quanzhou were carrying streets and alleys. “Meisheng Dental Clinic” may be the first dental clinic in Quanzhou. Clinic.

In 1912, the "Meisheng" signboard that had been inscribed in Quanzhou in the late Qing Dynasty was preserved in Shengmingjie Dental Clinic for more than 100 years. Shengmingjie recalled that in the 1960s and 1970s, the family placed the signboard on the bedboard. To avoid damage. This century-old dental clinic has influenced generations of Quanzhou people.

Note: In the process of writing this article, thanks to the strong assistance of Sim Meisong, Su Weiyuan, Shi Zhiren, Yang Xiangxian, Cai Yonghuai, Yang Maosheng, Huang Fang and others.

图片:王了王柏峰 实习生:苏婷慧 Text: Wang Le Camera : Dianchuang Media Picture: Wang Le Wang Baifeng Intern: Su Tinghui

(Some old photos are from the Internet, please contact us.)

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