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2019 "Internet student" documentary welcomes big explosion TV series squeezes bubbles through "cold winter"

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"Internet students" documentary usher in a big explosion of TV series squeeze the bubble through the "cold winter"

Look at the "phenomenal" screen in 2019

New pattern of Chinese literature and art in 2019

Editor's note

2019 will soon pass. In this year, great changes have taken place in China's cultural industry, from literature to drama, from movies to television, from variety shows to video games ... The new format, the new environment, and most importantly, the new structure.

We see that drama, open the door and pave the way for "introduction"; games, take courage, make a "going out" prospect; film and television, take root in life, and regain the realistic themes loved by the audience ... The realm behind the realm is a kind of wisdom: based on reality and focusing on the future.

Farewell to 2019, let us look back at the new pattern of Chinese literature and art. For 2020, everything starts from "new".

Documentary: Fight for "Small and Beautiful", "Internet Student" Breaks Out


Video Network Force Documentary

The Chinese Internet student documentary began to make its debut in 2015. The unremarkable "I am repairing cultural relics in the Forbidden City" was launched on the TV station in 2016 and became the annual "phenomenal" work. After two years of storage, starting in 2018, major video platforms have increased the development and investment of documentary content, and homemade content such as "Flavoring the World", "Three Days", "Exquisite", and "A String of Life" have gained word of mouth and traffic. Double Harvest, in 2019, finally ushered in a big outbreak.

"China Documentary Development Research Report 2019" shows that in 2018, Tencent Video, Youku Video, Station B, and iQiyi invested about 1.1 billion yuan in documentary content, an increase of 83% year-on-year, becoming second only to TV stations. The second largest position.

"Internet student documentaries are documentaries for Internet audiences," explained Zhang Tongdao, director of the Beijing Normal University Documentary Research Center. "The audience began to choose to use the Internet or even mobile terminals to watch documentaries, and the way of viewing directly determines the direction of the industry."

At the beginning of 2019, Station B officially established the Documentary Production Department of Station B, and also reached cooperation with many well-known documentary film brands at home and abroad. At the same time, in terms of topic selection and performance, Station B is also constantly seeking a form that is more in line with user preferences and station B temperament. According to statistics, in 2019 alone, Station B has produced 16 high-quality head documentaries, covering human history, natural geography, science and technology, food, travel, cute pets and many other types.

Other video sites are also working. In the first half of 2019, Tencent Video launched content such as "Breakfast China", "Origin of Flavor, Chaoshan", and "Festivals", launched a social documentary documentary "The Era of Consumption", and created a documentary documentary "Is Bread, "It's Air, It's A Miracle", "Mysterious Life of a Child" focusing on children's behavior, and "Documentary 72 Hours", a social documentary content.

IQiyi launched "The World Under One Pot" this year. The film list also includes documentary works such as "Hearts and Fires", "This Food and This Guest", "New Year's Food", "Chinese Restaurant", and "Wujiang".

Youku launched the cultural documentary "Amazing Craftsman 2019" in 2019, covering "old-fashioned" crafts such as paper cutting, Chinese painting, facial painting, etc. In the future, it will also launch "Long Live" and "Meet it!" Curiosity, "Lighted Planet", "Earth Dining Table" and other works.

From the above list of major video sites, it is not difficult to see that life, "small and beautiful" is the trend of documentaries on the website.


The "Life in a String" series brings together many highlights of online student documentaries

In 2019, the documentary "Life Series 2" hit a record of more than 50 million hits a month on station B. This documentary series on barbecue not only successfully attracted the attention of young people, but also allowed the industry to see the huge energy behind the online student documentary: young audiences, interactive relationships, commercial value realization, IP-based operations, online student content New features.

The producer of this documentary, Wang Hailong, has participated in film and television projects such as "Himalayan Ladder" and "Blind Road", and the director is his classmate Chen Yingjie at Beijing Broadcasting Institute (now China Communication University).

Unlike the two documentaries in which the previous two participated, "Life in a String" was determined to have been built for station B from the beginning. According to Chen Yingjie, the difference between web students and TV documentaries is not only in the broadcast channel. "When making a documentary for a TV station, you may consider more ratings, awards, and evaluations within the TV station system. However, you must first understand user."

Diversity titles starting with "How many of you"

What documentaries do internet users need? The chief operating officer of Site B Li Min concluded that documentaries spread on the Internet platform have three characteristics: truth-seeking content and changeable forms; humanism, people-oriented; focus on interaction, easy to spread.

This feature began to appear in the outline of the film "A String of Life". Determined to take a barbecue, Chen Yingjie quickly outlined the outline, "Landscape", "Hometown flavor" ... It was intended to express the gradual transition of food from the natural state to the social state, but such diversity naming was quickly self-denial because "It still has a very strong TV station logic", which is not in line with the easy, fun and small-toned tone of the Internet.

Chen Yingjie and Wang Hailong discussed for a long time, and finally decided to follow the order of diners to order. "Usually you have to eat some meat, and then order a few chewy things, such as crispy bones. Some people refrain from being vegetarian, and some people want to behave differently. "So, after watching the six episodes, it is equivalent to eating a whole table of barbecues with meat and vegetables.

In the second season, this part has not become easier-the diversity name has been discussed again for several months. Chen Yingjie originally wanted to have a separate episode of pig, cow, sheep, chicken, seafood, and vegetables, or according to the barbecue owner's Classification of appearance and personality characteristics, such as bald head, beard, glasses. Some diversity directors proposed, "If you do n’t need a boss to welcome guests, the first episode will be called" How many of you "," someone said immediately, "then the second episode will be 'our family'", and the remaining episodes will also follow the trend. Out-no spicy food, some staple food, no more order, come back, "including all the barbecue eating scenes, every sentence can withstand scrutiny and interpretation.

"Thank you for your hospitality"

In the filming content, the two seasons of "Life in a String" and the widely acclaimed "China on the Tongue" are also significantly different. The "tip of the tongue" is exquisite and elegant, and the "bunch" is rough and casual. Chen Yingjie said that they wanted to capture the real texture of life through snapping. As a result, messy wine bottles, dim lights, humble dining tables, enlarged mouth chewing close-ups can be found everywhere in "A String of Life"; the characters appearing in the film are also a bit "non-mainstream", wearing aprons and bare chests Folding belly, mouth full of dialects ... What is rare in these pictures is the share of the market and the temperament of ordinary people.

In terms of marketing, "Life" is also unique. Station B has an unwritten tradition-whenever important works come online, the director will interact with users in the comment area, and this interaction is mainly reflected in the barrage. The middle-aged Chen Yingjie originally thought the barrage was particularly boring: "But after the movie went live, I found this thing too interesting, just like a few of us watching a game of ball, watching a movie, and watching and discussing. The people in the discussion always said There are some particularly interesting. "Netizens at station B will collectively swipe a barrage at the end of each episode-" Thank you for your hospitality. " Chen Yingjie was particularly shocked when the "Thank you for hospitality" full screen passed, "It is a certainty to do a documentary and get a prize, but it is not as shocking and moving as the" Thank you for hospitality "full screen." In addition, station B Also for the first time in "Life Series" tried the member preemptive service. Driven by this, the number of new members at station B "exceeded expectations"-even when the second quarter was already online, the first quarter could still drive 1 million new viewers every month.

In addition to enhancing marketing interactions, there are more realistic revenue considerations for online student documentaries.

Chen Yingjie concluded, "TV stations can spend no money on making documentaries, but the quality of the films struggling for survival from this topic to the final realization must be everyone's favorite. The spring of online documentaries must be coming. Everyone has the habit of watching documentaries, but only those who are well adapted to the characteristics of online student documentaries can have more income and live better. "

Text / Reporter Zu Wei

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