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Chinese netizens: I write a essay for South Korean Yu

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On December 29, there were exactly two weeks before the voting for the 2020 election in Taiwan . On the afternoon of this day, South Korea's Yu, Cai Yingwen and Song Chuyu participated in the only regional leader candidate debate. Unfortunately, South Korea ’s Yu failed to seize the opportunity of this debate to build his reputation. Instead, he lost himself because he kept repeating his past criticisms of Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP faction and angered the media. More importantly, at the moment when voting will take place soon, South Korean Yu has lost time to recover his lost points.

In fact, the shortcomings of Cai Yingwen's administration are very obvious, but because of the lack of think tanks around South Korea Yu, he has repeatedly been at a disadvantage. Earlier, there was an analysis that South Korea ’s Yu ’s heroic popularity from the “Nine in One” election to a turning point where the volume of voices gradually diminished was the “Five Points Statement” issued on April 23. In this statement, South Korea ’s Yu declared that he was unable to participate in the KMT ’s “primary election of the current system” and criticized the KMT ’s “political powers are keen to negotiate in the back room” and “hope that senior officials within the party can observe public opinion”. Sun Daqian, who was elected to the "Legislative Party" afterwards, acknowledged that he had drafted a statement for South Korean Yu. The problem was that then KMT Chairman Wu Dunyi was trying every means to include South Korean Yu in the primary election. He wanted to use the high popularity of South Korean Yu to bring KMT back to power. At this time, South Korea ’s critics of the party ’s high-level officials were “powerful”, and it was obviously very indecent to do “back room consultations”. This statement made South Korea ’s support from a downward trend.

Another example is that Wang Jinping recently stated in front of Wu Dunyi that he would help the Kuomintang ’s “Legislative Council” platform to support the election. All circles believe that Wang Jinping has returned to the blue camp. It should be helpful to the Korean Yu and the Kuomintang ’s election at the last moment of the election. It is beneficial, but at this time Luo Zhiqiang, a Kuomintang Taipei city councilor who has strongly supported South Korea ’s Yu, has publicly accused Wang Jinping of being "out of nowhere". Such remarks obviously pushed Wang Jinping, who was moving closer to South Korea ’s Yu, farther away. For South Korean Yu, which is in desperate need of internal support from the Blue Camp, it is extremely unwise and totally unthinkable.

It is necessary to recount the political experience of Sun Daqian and Luo Zhiqiang. Sun Daqian was a Kuomintang member. In 2001, he followed Song Chuyu to become a founding member of the People ’s Democratic Party. In December 2005, a month after the first “Ma Song Society” talked about “national friendship” in January 2006, Sun Daqian and Li Yongping, Lin Defu and others collectively separated from the People's Democratic Party and declared to rejoin the Kuomintang; Luo Zhiqiang was the Deputy Secretary-General of MAB when Ma Ying-jeou was in power, and played an important role in the "Mr. Wang political struggle". He resigned after the political dispute broke out in September 2013 .

Both Sun and Luo are supporters of South Korea ’s Yu. Sun is also the deputy chief executive of the South Korea ’s election office, but both of them often make radical talks and “help” South Korea ’s offenders. No wonder some people criticize Sun and Luo for simply "fake Korean fan" and "real Korean black".

Prior to the debate on the 29th, South Korea, Tsai, and Song held three political opinion presentations. It can be said that from these three political opinions, the performance of South Korea ’s Yu is fair, and it has also successfully created the DPP abducted by factions, Tsai Ing-wen was suspended by the "new tide", opposed to forcibly passing the "reverse penetration law" and the establishment of a "special investigation team" to investigate corruption after his election. In the December 29th debate, South Korea ’s Yu could have used the final 4 minutes of the concluding part to publish a strong attacking scripture to thoroughly expose Cai ’s administrative ills for more than three years and appeal to Taiwan ’s voters. Vote cautiously, but South Korean Yu's concluding remarks are really poor. So I really want to write a text for Korean Yu to help him.

The contents are as follows:

Ms. Cai Yingwen was elected the leader of Taiwan in 2016 when the morale of the Kuomintang was sluggish, with 6.89 million votes (56.12%) and Zhuli Lun (3.81 million votes, 31.04%) and Song Chuyu (1.57 million votes, 12.83%). In the "nine in one" elections of 2018, the DPP was defeated, and the green governing counties and cities changed from 13 seats in 2014 to 6 seats in 2018.

The DPP's failure in 2018 was entirely due to the political scams that Ms. Tsai Ing-wen fought and deception. Ms. Tsai operates ethnic confrontation within Taiwan, intensifies the blue-green contradictions, and uses strong methods of struggle against the Kuomintang. Through the establishment of the "228 Reconciliation Committee", "Improper Party Property Management Committee", "Transitional Justice Promotion Committee" and other institutions, The KMT has been relentlessly crushed in terms of reputation and economy, hoping to completely defeat the Blue Camp political opponents, so as to achieve the long-term goal of the DPP.

At the same time, Ms. Cai also resorted to deception. She ostensibly declared that the two sides of the strait "maintain the status quo," but actually modified the curriculum, promoted the "new southward policy", revised the "National Security Five Laws", and passed the "Reverse Infiltration Law." In an attempt to decoupling the two sides of the strait from history, culture, and economy, so that Taiwan compatriots would not dare to come to the mainland to do business, employment, study, and sightseeing; she also used deception to fabricate the return of Taiwan businessmen's funds to nearly NT $ 700 billion. Lin Quanneng, the undersecretary of the "Ministry of Economics", frankly admitted when questioned by the "Legislative Yuan" that the current capital data from overseas foreign exchange to Taiwan is "zero", and he directly faced Cai Yingwen; Ms. Cai vowed to respect democracy and the legal system However, the "Nuclear Green" referendum passed in 2018 has not been implemented. She insists that the goal of "2025 non-nuclear homeland" remains unchanged. Election voting is approaching. Ms. Cai recently ran to Kaohsiung to propose the "Great Southern Development Plan." However, the Democratic Progressive Party ’s nearly 20 years in Kaohsiung ’s owe of NT $ 300 billion has been ignored.

The use of Ms. Cai Yingwen's methods of struggle and deception is extensive and skilful. It is used not only against the KMT and the mainland, but also within the DPP. During the DPP primaries, she postponed the primaries, changed the rules of the primaries, and even challenged her Lai Qingde with the help of the cyber army until she was kicked out of Lai Qingde; recently exposed Yang Huiru's "Dark Corps" and this front desk " In the 1450 cyber army system of the "Agricultural Commission," behind the scenes the chief commander, commander-in-chief, chief backstage, and chief is obviously Cai Yingwen.

Ms. Cai Yingwen, who is familiar with the operation of the cyber army, knows the power of the cyber navy. Therefore, while commanding her cyber army to fight, she stigmatized others for releasing fake information on the network. This is how she called and caught the thief!

Dear Taiwan compatriot, if you vote for Cai Yingwen, then you will continue to endure the "green terror" for four years. Zhang Tianqin, the deputy chairman of the "promoting transfer" who claimed to be "East Factory", may return to the pot. Chen Shimeng, the "Supervisory Committee Member" of "Blue Doesn't Do Green", will continue to help Ms. Cai fight against dissidents. If the Yang Yin who is hidden in the future may appear after the election, she will continue to dive on the Internet to serve the "green governance"; Rights workers will continue to endure low wages and endless hours. Those who have lost their retirement benefits will continue to endure stigma. Those Taiwanese who live, work and study in the mainland will be ashamed.

There are two roads ahead of Taiwan compatriots in 2020. One is the road of light, prosperity of all walks of life, peaceful exchanges across the Taiwan Straits, and internationalization; the other is the road of darkness, depression in the industry, cross-strait confrontation, and isolation from the world.

Dear compatriots, if you don't want to endure such pains any more, then please remove Cai Yingwen and the DPP on January 11, 2020 with your votes!

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