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Mayday be prosecuted? What the hell is Cai Yingwen's bill?

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These days, the island of Taiwan is busy with elections.

At a television debate on the 2020 Taiwan leader election candidate held on December 29, the Chinese KMT candidate Han Yu first fired. He said that the DPP authorities were "tying a bomb" around the people's necks, and the remote control and detonator were in the hands of the DPP.

Song of the People ’s Republic of China candidate Song Chuyu “confided” to Tsai Ing-wen on the spot during a television debate, claiming that it had been “illegal” to participate in APEC in the past, and ridiculed that Tsai Ing-wen was an “instigator”.

The "law" they called "bomb" is called the "reverse osmosis method".

" Cross-strait issues become the focus of offense and defense, and blue-green is the fierce battle of the" reverse penetration law. "British Reuters said when summarizing the debate.

"Chilling Effect"

The matter was picked up by the DPP in power.

A few days ago, Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen ordered that the legislature must pass the so-called "reverse penetration law" before December 31.

The so-called bill is menacing. The DPP group has previously proposed an amendment motion. If it accepts "infiltration source" instructions, commissions or funding, illegally donates political contributions or engages in election campaigns, the maximum penalty is imprisonment of less than 5 years and the maximum fine is increased from the original 5 million yuan to 10 million. New Taiwan dollar.

Public opinion on the island pointed out that according to the ambiguous "Bill", any cross-strait exchange activities can be described as so-called "penetration" activities. Including Taiwanese businessmen, Taiwanese students, Taiwanese affiliates on the mainland, and even about 5 million Taiwan tourists who come to the mainland every year, they are at risk of breaking the law.

During this time, the Taiwanese business community was hinted to go to the mainland less to avoid trouble, because after the adoption of the "reverse osmosis law", it was easy for the Cai authorities to find trouble.

The approach of the DPP authorities to create the "chilling effect" is clear. The meaning of "anti-China" and "anti-China" is first.

After the "Bill" was introduced at the end of November, it did not go through the internal coordination of the Taiwanese administrative organs. It merely relied on the DPP's seat in the "Legislative Yuan" seat to engage in a "blitz." All circles within the community rebuked and strongly opposed.

From Hon Hai founder Guo Taiming to New Party Chairman Yu Muming, Chinese Nationalist Party Chairman Wu Dunyi, People First Party Chairman Song Chuyu, and Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe. Even Deep Green couldn't stand it. After Annette Lu questioned what Tsai Ing-wen was anxious for, including the "Joy Island Alliance" and "Taiwan's Defence of Democracy Platform" all jumped out of opposition.

"It's heartbreaking"

After the debate, South Korea's Yu said in an interview with the media that once the "reverse penetration law" is passed, Wu Baochun, who may sell bread, may be prosecuted "for his heart" This "evil law" will turn Taiwan into " "Yi Yantang" and "regression to the martial law era" completely violate the purpose and value of "democracy and progress" ... even in the face of such notoriety, the DPP has to go its own way. What kind of calculation is it doing?

Still the old driver saw it most clearly. Former leader of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou, said the truth in fact was to create fear and cheat votes. And attach a four-character comment-"its heart can be stunned"!

Look at Cai Yingwen. She declared during the election campaign that the "Reverse Infiltration Law" legislation must be completed by the end of the month, which is "the last piece of the puzzle of the National Security."

Zeng Mingzong, the general convener of the Kuomintang's "Legislative Yuan" party group, questioned that when the so-called "Five Laws of National Security" was completed, Cai Yingwen said that "the last puzzle of National Security has been completed". How many puzzles are there? "Just a few puzzles are not the point. How to use" National Security "to operate" Zhou Zhong "is the key.

Cai Yingwen's abacus was not only seen by the Blue Camp, but dark green people were also unhappy.

Zhang Junyu, a spokesman for the "Single Island Alliance," an "independence" group, said on the 28th that the "Reverse Infiltration Law" that the DPP tried to pass as soon as possible was incomplete and suspected of being "unconstitutional." She questioned that it was the election and the law and Taiwan security issues as a "show of power".

Taiwan United News Network bluntly stated that the legislative process of the "Reverse Penetration Law" is just a microcosm of the DPP's full ruling. If this arrogant and domineering party takes power again, it will become faintly visible in the political scene in the next four years.

sharp contrast

Such "evil laws" made Wang Wenzong, the president of Taiwan's "World Federation of Preservation of the Great Emperor Temples", distressed. He said that the two sides of the strait managed to live peacefully together for so many years, and the Taiwan authorities should not cause panic for the ideology.

Taiwan and the mainland have deep historical roots. Cai Yingwen is diligent in worshiping temples and gods. "Which one is not from the mainland?" This is true, but the DPP imagines it too kind.

Since the beginning of this year, the DPP authorities have been "working hard" to cut off cross-strait exchanges, creating a "cross-strait confrontation" mood. Attack the mainland to intervene in the Taiwan elections, stigmatize the mainland's "one country, two systems" goodwill, package itself as a so-called "guardian of Taiwan", and eliminate forces that advocate cross-strait exchanges and promote cross-strait reunification. Those young people who are eager to develop in the mainland have been repressed resolutely, and some Taiwan youths who have served as community assistants in Fujian have been fined. Recently, a number of travel agencies handling mainland group visits to the island have been raided.

Some time ago, the DPP authorities pushed for the so-called "Five Laws of the National Security" and "The Law of the Communist Party of China", coupled with the "Reverse Osmosis Law", which is now being promoted, to build a high wall between the two sides of the strait, trying to block the bottom of the salary Disrupt cross-strait exchanges.

On the other hand, sharp-eyed public opinion on the island also sees that since Tsai Ing-wen took office, he has continuously created political opposition, but has not worked hard to improve the economy and people's livelihood, resulting in Taiwan's economic downturn and people's livelihood.

Since 2019, Tsai Ing-wen has continuously released news that the amount of investment by Taiwanese businessmen returning to Taiwan has skyrocketed. Actually, it is a lie to the military. Taiwan's "Minister of Economic Affairs" admitted that the actual return of funds was zero.

During the year, Taiwan Far East Airlines, Hongda International Electronics Co., Ltd. and many other large companies with index significance closed down or laid off employees. Taiwan's exports have been negative for 13 consecutive months. No matter how flickering, the eyes of the people on the island are clear. Not long ago, the "Chinese Characters of the Year 2019" in Taiwan, which was selected by Internet votes, won the top three votes: chaos, chaos, lies, and worries. This fully reflects the public's dissatisfaction and disappointment with the Taiwan authorities.

The focus of the contradiction is the usual tactics of some politicians on the island. South Korea ’s Yu said that the DPP would lose its popular support before rushing to practice the Dharma. Yang Kaihuang, director of the Cross-Strait Research Center at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, believes that a regime is talking about other people's threats every day. It must be careful not to be "infiltrated" or deceived by others.

Because of this, some Taiwan media couldn't help but lament that during the countdown to the Taiwan elections, the "reverse infiltration method" became the focus of offense and defense, causing panic among Taiwanese businessmen, Taiwanese students, and Taiwanese teachers who frequently traveled to and from the mainland.

At the same time, what is the mainland doing? Passing the decision to amend the investment protection law of Taiwan compatriots, the State Council Taiwan Office held a regular press conference to invite officials from various departments involved in Taiwan to explain 26 measures for benefiting the people. Two contrasts, the contrast is called sharp.

By East Lupin

Editor / Yuwen Legg

Source / Knight Island

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