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"Reverse Osmosis Law" passed the third reading, Taiwan returned to martial law overnight?

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It is only a dozen or so days away from the sensitive time point of Taiwan ’s 2020 election. The island ’s controversial “Reverse Osmosis Law” passed the third reading of the Taiwan legislature on the afternoon of the 31st. This also means that in the future, no individual on the island of Taiwan may be instructed, commissioned, or funded by "sources of infiltration" to commit acts that violate elections, dismissals, and "referendums" for political contributions. The offenders are punishable by up to 5 years in prison. And a fine of less than NT $ 10 million.

According to Taiwan media reports, after the DPP group proposed the "Reverse Penetration Law" draft on November 27, only a public hearing was held to pay a second reading to the legislature in Taiwan, which immediately entered a one-month consultation period. Su Jiaquan, the person in charge of Taiwan ’s legislature, convened two “challenge” negotiations last week. After marathon discussions one by one, only the first and last articles were passed. The main provisions were retained. Yesterday morning, the draft was included in the first case of the Taiwan legislature's discussions, and representatives from various parties and groups sent their positions to conduct "wide discussion."

In response to this, the Taiwanese legislature ’s DPP group summoned Ke Jianming, saying that the “Reverse Penetration Act” is the most important “bill” of the current term. He said that “this is the most ridiculous moment in history” and said that The Kuomintang is about to enter the "incinerator of history" and must condemn it.

The KMT ’s general caller Zeng Mingzong criticized that if the bill can maintain social stability, the KMT raised their hands in favor of it, but saw the DPP ’s proposal on November 27, and held a public hearing on the 28th. . He also asked: Why is there no version of a major bill related to Taiwan's security and the rights of 23 million people? Why ca n’t we discuss it with the House Committee of the legislature? Why not hold more public hearings, what is the DPP afraid of? Why not wait for new public opinion to deal with such an important bill?

The Hong Kong People ’s Democratic Party ’s general call Li Hongjun said that the “Reverse Osmosis Law” touched a lot of sensitive nerves. Although the DPP had discussed with various “ministries”, did they listen to social and public opinions? Even Tsai Ing-wen said that full discussions should be given to new public opinion on such a major bill.

In the subsequent voting war, the Kuomintang and the People's Republic of China sat silently protesting in the forum, and did not participate in the voting. The "Time Force" party group proposed many amendments, but all were rejected by the DPP group. With the advantage of the number of DPP groups, all the provisions and amendment motions were finally adopted in accordance with the DPP amendment version.

Ma Ying-jeou previously stated that the content of the "Reverse Penetration Law" is very unclear. There is no competent authority so far. Implementation in the future will definitely cause many injustices and fake cases. . He said that once the bill was passed, the scourge of Taiwan would be unimaginable.

Some Taiwanese scholars from the mainland have previously stated that the "reverse infiltration law" essentially cuts off cross-strait personnel exchanges and decouples Taiwan from the mainland. If the "legislation" is completed, the cross-strait exchange door will be closed.

In fact, the "reverse osmosis method" has caused a chilling effect among the people. Recently, a citizen of Yunlin Dou Liucheng complained. On the 27th, he posted a post on social media criticizing the "Reverse Penetration Law". He did not expect to be interviewed by the fifth branch of the Tainan Police Station the next day. Kuomintang member Yun Linxian Li Mingzhe criticized the police for processing so fast, in an attempt to restrain free speech. Taiwanese People ’s Communist Party Chairman Lin Dewang said that the Bureau of Investigation of the Investigation Bureau of Kaohsiung City went to seize the party ’s party headquarters in Xinying District of Tainan City and arrested nearly 20 members of the party. Lin Dewang questioned that the move was to complement the Taiwan ’s legislature yesterday. Pass the "Reverse Osmosis Method".

Taiwan's United Daily News commented that under the leadership of the DPP, the Taiwan legislature has completed the "legislation" of the "Reverse Infiltration Law." In the past year, the DPP has created the so-called "Taiwan Security Protection Net" under the name "Anti-China Insurance Taiwan", and the "Reverse Penetration Law" has been called by the DPP to "complete the last puzzle." But what is this puzzle? It is not that Taiwan's security has been guaranteed since then, but that the "first year of green terror" has been officially announced.

Spokesperson Zhu Fenglian

At the regular press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held on December 25, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office, stated that the DPP authorities had opened up the democratic reversal for the sake of one-party political self-interest, completely disregarding the well-being of the people of Taiwan. The use of the so-called "revision of the law" to conduct political manipulation has extremely bad influence and extremely serious harm.

Zhu Fenglian said: We have noticed that during this time, people from all walks of life in Taiwan have expressed strong condemnation and resolute opposition. Once the law is passed, any party, group, or person with a different position from the DPP, who dares to criticize the DPP media, Taiwan compatriots who come to study and find employment in the mainland, and those who participate in cross-strait exchanges and cooperation may be "unnecessarily" Buttoned his hat, hit a sap, was randomly investigated, fined, and even sentenced to prison. She emphasized that the DPP authorities pushed the evil laws backwards, created "green terror", banned cross-strait exchanges and exchanges, heightened hostile confrontation, and harmed Taiwan compatriots' interests, and they will eventually suffer the consequences.

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