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Rural aunt plays live broadcast to help more than 200 pairs of young people successfully hold hands a year

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Rural aunt playing live broadcast to set up a bridge for young people

Helping two hundred pairs of youth succeed each year

China Youth Daily · China Youth Online reporter Fan Jiangtao Trainee reporter Zhu Hongyuan

At 6:30 on February 24th, Lin Fujing, a peasant woman in Botou City, Cangzhou, Hebei Province, turned on her mobile phone on time and started broadcasting.

On the live broadcast platform, 59-year-old Lin Fujing's network is called "Aunt Hebei Rural", and her more than 60,000 fans like to call her "Aunt" affectionately.

"Aunt, good news to you, I'm going to Hainan to take wedding photos next month!" Netizen "Wang Xiaomei" sent a message during the live broadcast on this day. The 28-year-old Hengshui girl has followed Lin Fujing's live room for nearly a year, and finally found her favorite boyfriend.

"A couple again, congratulations, girl!" Lin Fujing smiled openly. Whenever a young man comes to announce the good news, it is her happiest moment. Last April, Lin Fujing started a live matchmaking match for single men and women, and now 215 pairs of fans have come to announce the good news.

Online live broadcast matchmaker, "suck powder" more than 60,000 people

Before the live broadcast, Lin Fujing did not expect that he would become a well-known "Internet celebrity".

"At that time, I had nothing to do at home and wanted to play." She said, "I am different from other women of the same age in the village, and like to be exposed to new things." Lin Fujing learned how to repair machine tools as a teenager. For decades, she has traveled north and south to repair machine tools, traveled to most of China, and did not "retire" until the year before.

Once, Lin Fujing saw that his son Lu Qiang was watching the live broadcast. She thought it was fun and wanted to give it a try. "Can a person as old as me play?" Lin Fujing was a little unconfident. "Yes, anyone can play, usually you have nothing to do, just to relieve you of boredom." The son encouraged her.

Therefore, in July 2016, Lin Fujing registered an account on a live broadcast platform, and the name was "Hebei Rural Aunt".

At the beginning, Lin Fujing made some funny short video uploads, but not many people watched them. Later, she began to broadcast live. At first, there were only three or five people in the live broadcast room. But she has always been happy.

One day in March 2017, a male fan asked in her live studio: "Aunt, can you help us find someone?"

Lin Fujing moved in his heart and decided to do this. "I think this is very meaningful!" She told reporters solemnly.

Not long after, Lin Fujing captioned "Marriage Agency" in the live broadcast room. On the day of the live broadcast, it suddenly attracted four or five hundred people, and the fans began to swell. So far, Lin Fujing's live broadcast room has 62,000 fans, and each live broadcast has thousands of followers.

Provide marriage and dating information

Lin Fujing set the live broadcast time from 6:30 to 8:00 in the morning. She explained: "Young people are very busy at work. I get up a little early and try to catch up before they go to work without delaying work."

And this requires her to get up at 5:30 every morning, after washing, preparing breakfast for her family, and sitting in front of her mobile phone on time. Lin Fujing particularly valued his image in front of the camera, and cleaned up before each live broadcast.

Lin Fujing has an agile mindset and amazing memory. For fans who speak in the broadcast room, she can accurately report the other party's basic information. "So and so, single, male, 28 years old, bachelor's degree, no house or car, if necessary, follow him quickly."

Someone was amazed by Lin Fujing's memory, and few people knew that she did a lot of information collation after the live broadcast.

Lin Fujing asked the fans who wanted to find a partner to "privately send" her personal basic information, and then she registered according to the region, gender, education, and material conditions. Because he did not operate the computer, Lin Fujing had to copy it by hand. So far, she has registered more than 15,000 people, using more than 40 laptops.

These fans are mainly from Cangzhou's 14 counties (cities, districts), Baoding, Hengshui, and even Beijing and Tianjin and Shandong.

In the live broadcast, "Aunt" not only enthusiastically helped single men and women matchmaking, but also often bluntly pointed out the problems existing in young fans' courtship process.

She found that young girls often ask the other party to "have a car and a house" as soon as they come up. Even some young women in rural areas require the other party to have a building in the county seat. There are also young men who attach great importance to the looks and height of the woman.

"People's beauty is not as good as the soul, but they are not as good as morals." "Look at the character first, then the material conditions."

Both 29-year-old Botou Ding and Xiaohua are the 200th young men and women promoted by Auntie. Not only do they often interact with Lin Fujing online, they also often visit Auntie. "Aunt is really good for us, we can't forget her after we become." Botou Douding said.

Over the years, the two have been single for various reasons. They came to Lin Fujing's live broadcast room and succeeded in less than a year. In fact, the economic conditions of "Botou Douding" are not very good. "Xiaohua" said: "It is mainly influenced by my aunt. I value his kindness and treat me most."

"Men left" pressure to choose a spouse, aunt from online to offline

Why is a rural aunt so popular?

"Now young people, mainly young men, are too difficult to find objects." Lin Fujing analyzed and found that in recent years, she has found that there are more and more young single men in this village and surrounding villages. Among the more than 15,000 single men and women information she registered, single women accounted for only about one fifth.

To this end, Lin Fujing feels that what he does is becoming more and more important. At the request of fans, she took matchmaker from online duty to offline. In January and February this year, she held two blind dates in Botou.

The blind date was very hot at the scene, and more than 100 people could come each time, but there were still more men and fewer girls, only 20-30 women at a time.

"Aunt" imitates the form of the blind date show "If You Are the One", let the male guests take turns introducing themselves. If the female guest in the audience is interested in one of them, she secretly tells "Aunt". Lin Fujing then asked the men and women to exchange contact information and contact privately. A total of 20 couples of young men and women held two blind date meetings successfully.

Some locals told reporters that in some local marriage agencies, men and women had to pay an agency fee of 100 yuan and an agency fee of 660 yuan for the first time when they met. But Lin Fujing always insisted not to charge a penny.

Some people see business opportunities in it. The owner of a local restaurant found Lin Fujing and expressed his willingness to provide a venue for the aunt to hold a "blind date meeting", but all the people who came to the blind date need to pay a membership fee of 500 yuan. After successfully holding the hand, they need to pay an agency fee of 1,000 yuan. .

"From the beginning, I didn't think about making money from this, collecting money for fans to find objects, I don't deserve them to call me 'Aunt'!" Lin Fujing flatly rejected the restaurant owner's suggestion. Now, "Aunt" is in full swing preparing for the third blind date.

Original title: Rural aunt plays live broadcast to help more than two hundred young people successfully hold hands in a year

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