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9 legends of poverty alleviation, telling why China can!

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[Knight Island Press]

New China has been in existence for 70 years, and it continues to declare war on poverty!

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the cumulative poverty reduction will exceed 90 million. In 2020, China will win the battle against poverty, build a well-off society in an all-round way, and solve the problem of absolute poverty that has plagued the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

China's miracle of poverty reduction marvels the world: why can China? A solid set of front-line reports may give us the answer.

In the past few months, Uncle Dao's colleagues and reporters from People's Daily's overseas edition went to various battlefields to fight poverty. They squatted to the Eighteen-Dong Village, Hunan Province, where they were the leader of “Precise Poverty Alleviation”, and went to Jinggangshan, Jiangxi, where the first shot was taken off poverty alleviation. Enter Hetian, Xinjiang, known as "one and a half pounds of soil"; even climb up the cliff village of Liangshan, Sichuan, which was once isolated from the world, and visit Dingxi, Gansu, where "the barren is in the world" ...

Nine of the poor are notoriously poor, and nine are amazing. Uncle Dao's colleagues used real, vivid, and lively stories to tell about China's remarkable results in poverty alleviation and its profound enlightenment. Many friends said that they were "good-looking," "touching," "grounded," and "interesting." They even asked if there were follow-up reports. An integrated excerpt from Xia Kedao's special works to stun readers.

Shibadong Village

Shibadong Village, Huayuan County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province has always been famous. Previously, at the end of the year, villagers sacked sacks and went to ask for food. When they see them, Hunanese often blurt out: "Shibadong Village!"

Now Shibadong Village is more famous. Not only the people of this province, but even foreign heads of state and experts are running here. Many people came here in fascination, not only to see the poor roots in the village, but also to know how the poor roots were pulled out.

All of this originated on November 3, 2013, when General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Shibadong Village, "to discuss with everyone the strategy of getting rid of poverty and getting rich, and to build a well-off society", and for the first time proposed "precise poverty alleviation." Since then, Long Xiulin has been sent to Shibadong Village to be the leader of the precision poverty alleviation task force. Long Xiulin and village cadres understand that the key to getting rid of poverty in Shibadong Village is to replace the "waiting for" brains so that the villagers have endogenous motivation.

Therefore, the village opened moral lectures, set an example for getting rich, and implemented ideological and moral star management. Through star rating, role models, and lectures, the poor households in Shibadong Village have shifted from "want me out of poverty" to "I want to get out of poverty." Wan boss.

Two years later, in 2016, the per capita net income of Shibadong Village exceeded 8,000 yuan, compared with 1668 yuan in 2013. In February of the following year, the Shibadong Village picked a poor hat, and the kiwi fruit, which was once considered to be slow by the villagers, also bear fruit, with an output of 200 tons. In 2018, the sales income of kiwi fruit was 7.82 million yuan, and the villagers' per capita dividend was 1,200 yuan. This year, the dividend is expected to increase by 300 yuan.

Cliff Village: the way out of poverty in the clouds

The Lershe of Atuler Village in the depths of Sichuan's Daliang Mountain is called "Cliff Village" on the Internet. Because the vertical distance between the village and the ground is 800 meters, which is equivalent to 200 floors. Previously, when entering the village, 17 rattan ladders were climbed. Many ladders were inclined above 60 degrees, and the most dangerous section was close to 90 degrees.

In 2015, the first secretary of the county, Pachayou, was qualified. The first big thing he did was to build roads. Because it is a cliff, only steel ladders can be repaired. After a few months, the steel ladder was repaired! The villagers walked up, not to mention the excitement. Old vine ladder, so farewell to Cliff Village.

On the Internet, Cliff Village unexpectedly became a "net celebrity." In the video about Cliff Village, the steel ladder is the hottest. Labo, a Yi guy, used to be a shepherd's lair, now he is a video guide, and he has also been on the news webcast. He filmed steel ladders and cliffs, and recently started filming clouds and sunrises, and the videos were popular.

In fact, when the steel ladder was built, the students in the village were the biggest beneficiaries. Now, the conditions of the Leer Elementary School in the village are not inferior to that of the county school. Each classroom has multimedia equipment, electric fans, and water dispensers. It has also opened a network classroom to realize remote online teaching.

On November 20, the Yi New Year began, and the villagers who went out came back to celebrate the New Year. Many villagers feel that the days are beautiful and every day is like Chinese New Year.

Xihaigu: "Yam Egg" Turns into a Money-Producing Baby

Xihaigu, China's famous battlefield for fighting poverty, is known by the United Nations as "one of the least suitable areas for human survival." Xihaigu's bitterness was not only connected with wind and sand, scorching sun, and loess, but also with a kind of food-potato eggs.

In the hard days, the potato filled the hungry stomach, and it was "helping eggs", but now, "helping eggs" has become a baby of money. Through scientific planting, Ningxia Jiali and Xiji Potato Seed Industry have two virus-free breeding centers, with an annual breeding of 50 million original seeds. This year the township of 50,000 acres of potato again welcomes the harvest. In Xiji County, there are 850,000 mu of potato land.

New knowledge and skills have become catalysts for getting rich. Ma Yijie, secretary of the party committee of Xinmin Township in Wuyuan County, found that pine trees were made into landscape trees elsewhere. The stranger the shape, the higher the selling price. Subsequently, 57 demonstration gardens of more than 500 acres were built throughout Guyuan, and 86 new varieties were promoted.

Farm stays are also booming. Huang Hongzi's new home in Longde County has seven rooms and frees up a few farmhouses. The government subsidizes her for 50,000 yuan for three years. Next door is an artificial flower poverty alleviation workshop cooperating with Mining. You don't need to worry about orders and sales, and you can take home the work that you can't finish, and you can continue to do it. The per capita monthly income is more than 1,000 yuan. There are 11 workshops like this in Lund County alone.

When the first snow of this year came unexpectedly, Huang Hongzi said loudly: "The Ruixue is a good year, and 2020 will be a good harvest again!"

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