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Hong Kong's tourism industry is like this, thugs are still insulting to drive out mainland tourists!

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Hong Kong's tourism industry continues to be sluggish, but some black thugs are still rushing customers, especially mainland tourists as targets of attack.

According to Hong Kong's "Oriental Daily" reported on the 29th, thugs in black held a so-called "and you shop" operation in Sheung Shui on the 28th. They first walked in Sheung Shui Plaza and Xindu Plaza next to it, and entered a chain of pharmacies. Mainland tourists who were shopping demanded that they leave Hong Kong, and many merchants came to an end. The mob did not stop because of this, and then turned to the overpass connecting Sheung Shui Plaza and the Sheung Shui MTR station to gather, standing on the two sides of the overpass to drive the passengers, and called the mainlander as "the person," and told them to leave and yell " "Return to the mainland to buy domestic products" and other slogans.

Thugs in black gathered at the overpass outside Sheung Shui Plaza to make trouble, during which they lynched a man in white. (Photo source: Zhongtong News Agency)

According to Hong Kong Wenhui.com, the "Killing (Luggage)" picture that made many mainland tourists extremely dissatisfied with the "Recovery" in the past was reproduced in Sheung Shui. They surrounded a woman and snatched her shopping bags. Cosmetics and skin care products scattered all over the place. The woman ran to the MTR station and left in a hurry. The thug threw her belongings from the bridge to the ground, and doodled a lipstick she left on the bridge as a paintbrush. "Oriental Daily" stated that a large number of police officers arrived to subdue multiple protesters and took away at least 15 people in the mall. There were thugs in the chaos and even attempted to snatch police officers' riot guns.

A large number of police officers arrived to subdue multiple protesters (source: Hong Kong "East Network")

Many mainlanders are extremely dissatisfied with the behavior of the black mob. Ms. Zhou, who was trapped because of the demonstrations that had opened the shops, said that if she had known that there would be demonstrations in Sheung Shui, she would not go to Hong Kong on the 28th for shopping. . Another traveler from Shenzhen said that he never expected that coming to Hong Kong for his son's shopping would be met with demonstrations against mainlanders and suffered impolite treatment. "I know Hong Kong is very chaotic. It has not been here for almost half a year. I feel that the situation in Hong Kong has eased a little bit and I think it will be safer. " She bluntly stated that this experience had greatly reduced her impression of Hong Kong and would definitely not go again in the future.

There is public opinion that the tourism industry has plummeted after the "legislative storm" broke out in Hong Kong, but the thugs are still rushing to visit customers, regardless of the people's livelihood. According to the "Sing Tao Daily" reported on the 29th, data from the Hong Kong Immigration Department showed that during the Christmas holiday from December 21 to 26, about 620,000 people visited Hong Kong, a year-on-year decrease of nearly 53%. A nearly 90% drop was recorded, and some tour guides, team leaders, and drivers also found other casual workers to maintain their livelihoods due to poor business. Legislative Councillor Yao Sirong said that many tourists refused to come to Hong Kong because of concerns about safety and traffic issues. Only after the social situation is calm can the tourism industry have a chance to recover. Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao commented that the tourism industry is one of Hong Kong's four major economic pillars, and it has been devastated by thugs, affecting all aspects, and the retail, catering, hotel, transportation and other industries have been greatly implicated. It used to be difficult to find a room in a hotel, and the hotel was also very popular. The article bluntly stated that the chaotic Hong Kong forces aimed at "seeking the speculation" (together with the same meaning), and pushed Hong Kong to the abyss of nowhere. The young people who acted as the main force of the riots were actually destroying their own future.

Source: Global Times-Global Network / Ye Lan

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