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Cadres and masses from all over the place warmly discussed President Xi Jinping's New Year's message

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"In 2019, we will harvest with sweat, and work hard to make progress." "2020 is a landmark year." "2020 is also a year of resolute victory against poverty." On the eve of the new year, President Xi Jinping announced 2020 New Year's congratulations, a tribute to the strugglers, and a new journey. The golden phrase of "Only for the day and night, not for Shaohua" is a blow to the circle of friends. Cadres and people everywhere are proud of the achievements of the past year and are full of confidence in the future.

"Being remembered makes us feel warmer"

Folks in Xiadang Township, Shouning County, Fujian Province collectively watched the New Year message.

"When the congratulations mentioned 'Folks of Xiadang Township, Shouning County, Fujian,' we were all very excited." At 19:00 on December 31, 2019, the folks of Xiadang Township, Shouning County, Fujian Province gathered after dinner and gathered. Watch the news webcast on time in the village's "Hundred Mouth Canteens".

Thirty years ago, the Xiadang Township, located deep in the mountains, was the only "five townships" in Fujian Province. In 2018, thanks to the efforts of all parties, the last batch of poor households in the township all got out of poverty. On August 4, 2019, folks from XiaDang Township received a letter from Chairman Xi Jinping congratulating them on their poverty alleviation. Wang Guangchao, one of the writers, said, "I am very touched. Our small village has been concerned about this time. We also mentioned us in the congratulatory message. With the care of the party and the government, we will definitely pass by in the future. it is good."

Zhangye City, Gansu Province Forest Fire Brigade organized a 2020 New Year message. Photo by Zhang Xiaojun

"When the congratulations mentioned 31 warriors in Sichuan Muli who had died for the fire, I burst into tears. The deeds of these heroes moved me. The memory of Chairman Xi Jinping made people feel warm." Zuo Yongzhen is Zhangye City Forest A fireman from the Sunan Yugu Autonomous County Brigade, a fire brigade, said that President Xi Jinping's words gave him a better understanding of the mission and honor of the forest firefighting cause. "In the future, I will work hard to improve my skills and actively participate in the forest firefighting industry with enthusiasm."

Zou Qicai and his colleagues are watching the congratulations live. Photo courtesy of interviewee

"At this moment, there are still many people holding on to their posts, many people are guarding their peace, and many people are working hard. Everyone is working hard!" This sentence in the congratulatory message made Zou Qicai, who was in the cold wind, feel warm. of. Zou Qicai is the head of the Heli Squadron of the Dali Expressway Traffic Police Brigade in Dali, Yunnan. He said that it is his duty to stay on duty. "The new year is coming soon. As a traffic police at the grassroots level, my biggest wish is that the people will travel safely at all times, and I also hope that my comrades and relatives will be fine."

"In the new year, we must work hard to get rid of poverty"

Zhang Guangyong is the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee in Luliang, Shanxi, and also the leader of the training and employment leadership group for "Luliangshan nurses". He said that the words of President Xi Jinping have encouraged his grass-roots poverty alleviation cadres to redouble their motivation. "In the new year, we will continue to take training and employment as an important way to get rid of poverty and get rich in the old Luliang revolutionary area, and make every effort to build the" Integrity, Hard-working, Professional "Luliangshan caregiver brand, and do everything possible for our Luliangshan Nursing workers will do a good job in logistical protection, so that more poor people in Luliangshan can master the skills, get out of the mountains, achieve employment, and get rid of poverty and become rich. "

Song Rui working photo. Photo courtesy of interviewee

In Wanliushu Village, Xixian County, Henan Province, Song Rui, who has been in the village for seven years, was excited after hearing the New Year's message. In the new year, we must work hard to get rid of poverty and become rich. My fellow villagers and I have the confidence and determination to embark on the road to a well-off society in an all-round way. "

"We use our determined perseverance to bid farewell to 2019, and welcome everyone with the determination to work hard to welcome 2020. President Xi Jinping said that 2020 is a year of resolute victory against poverty, and we must lay the foundation more firmly." Sichuan Yang Hao, a counterpart in Banfanmen Township, Danba County, Province, is full of confidence in the work of the new year. Develop tasks and contribute to China's building of a well-off society in an all-round way to achieve the first century-long goal. "

"Let's live up to Shaohua, we are fighting hard"

Wang Luyang is being interviewed. Photo by Zhao Weiyi

"2019 is the twentieth anniversary of the return of Macau. President Xi Jinping said that the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Press the fast forward button. I am very lucky to witness the booming Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in this beautiful age." Wang Luyang, 21 As a senior student of the Macau Tourism Institute, she talked about the future. She said, "I will cherish the current learning opportunities and hope that I can contribute my strength to the construction of the Greater Bay Area in the future. "

Sinopec Lvyuan Geothermal Energy Development Co., Ltd. Xiongxian County, Xiongxian Talent Homeland Heat Exchange Station staff watched on duty. Photo courtesy of Sinopec Luyuan Geothermal Energy Development Co., Ltd.

"Chairman Xi Jinping mentioned in the New Year's congratulations" Xiongan New District Paintings Xu Xupu Exhibition ". As a builder of Xiong'an New District, a developer of green energy, in 2020, we will scientifically develop geothermal energy to build for Xiong'an New District. ' The eco-city with blue and green, fresh and bright, and the integration of water and city will make more contributions and let more people in Xiong'an New District enjoy the clean heating brought by geothermal energy. "Xiao, Human Resources Manager of Sinopec Luyuan Geothermal Energy Development Co., Ltd. Red said.

In the New Year's message, President Xi Jinping mentioned "5G commercial acceleration" when reviewing the development achievements in 2019, which encouraged Tianjin Mobile Network Optimization Engineer Li Zuopeng. "As a 5G builder of Tianjin Mobile, we have to come out and fight The spirit of hard work, let the people of Jincheng use high-speed 5G networks as soon as possible. At the same time, we will also focus on building 5G demonstration projects with national influence in five major areas: smart cities, smart transportation, smart ports, smart manufacturing, and smart media. Helping industries speed up intelligent transformation. "

Lu Kefeng is a civilian policeman who has just been transferred from the Armed Police Border Guards to the National Immigration Administration. He is currently a trainer at the Taiping Border Police Station of the Jilin Tonghua Border Management Detachment. Looking ahead to 2020, he said that he will be stricter on himself. "I will strengthen my business level, improve border control capabilities, and keep the border and stand guard for the motherland and the people!"

"The Charge is already sounding." Yalmai Maiti Yusupu, a Uighur student at the School of Resources and Civil Engineering at Northeastern University, sighed, from "rolling up his sleeves and working hard" to "happiness is a struggle", and here This time, "People are working hard together, the more difficult it is, the more forward", President Xi Jinping's New Year's congratulations always warm people's hearts and make people forge ahead. "As a university student of ethnic minorities, I believe that under the leadership of the party, people of all ethnic groups throughout the country will be able to unite as one and continue to strive for the dream and forge ahead on the journey to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!" (Zeng Fan , Zhang Jingqi, Na Qizhuo, Li Yang, Ma Junhua, Jiao Bowen, Wang Wenjia, Zheng Ye, Shen Zhiyuan, Wang Nan, Guo Hongxing, Shi Yunjuan)

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