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Live up to Shaohua's style in the new era of China——Xi's New Year's congratulatory message evokes a warm response

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On the arrival of 2020, President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year message, reviewing the glorious achievements of China's development in the past year, and determined to build a well-off society in an all-round way in 2020 and resolutely win the fight against poverty. Cadres and people around the country said that President Xi ’s speech was warm, full of strength, and inspiring. To live up to Shaohua and the times, keep going.

In Anhui, 400 drones changed the words "hello 2020" in the night sky, and nearly 30,000 tourists from all over the country welcomed the arrival of the new year.

Wu Xin, a staff member from Fangte Tourist Area, Wuhu, Anhui: With the development of the Yangtze River Delta integrated, the fast-forward button was pressed, and more and more tourists enjoy the nightlife and night economy here. As President Xi said, in 2020, everyone will work hard to achieve better results.

Min Min, a staff member of Henan Film Town: The harder and harder we move forward, the general secretary's remarks really spoke to us and were deeply encouraged. I hope that we can make our own contributions to building a great China.

Chen Shana, a citizen of Xi'an, Shaanxi: During the 70th anniversary of the military parade, especially when our advanced weapons came out, I was particularly shocked. I feel that China is getting stronger and stronger, and we are very proud of living in such a country, really.

The achievement of great achievements depends on the hard work of millions of ordinary people. In Yongsha Island and Zhaoshu Island in Sansha, in Xiadang Village, Ningde , Fujian , in the auditorium of Nanjing University, and in the Liangshan Forest Fire Brigade of Sichuan, everyone listened to President Xi Jinping's New Year's message, warm and moved with confidence.

Wang Guangchao, a villager in Xiadang Village, Shouning County, Ningde, Fujian: In the New Year message, I was very moved to mention the Xiadang . Our current party has undergone tremendous changes. Everyone must work hard, we will build a more beautiful home after the party.

Zhan Daofang, a resident of Zhaoshu Island, Sansha City, Hainan: Although we live on a small island, I feel that our motherland is getting stronger and stronger.

Xi Shifu, Xisha Navigation Standards Office, Nanhai Navigation Security Center: As a grass-roots employee of Sansha Aviation Security, Nanhai Navigation Insurance Center, he has done his job to contribute to the construction of our Sansha, the construction of a strong transportation country, and the prosperity of our motherland. A force.

New year new weather. On the first day of 2020, young entrepreneurs in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area are working overtime for new product launches. On the first day of the new year, the Pacific International Container Terminal in Tianjin Port remained busy. Early this morning, selenium-rich vegetables picked by villagers in Tantou Village, Ganzhou, Jiangxi, will be sent to Guangdong.

Xiao Mei, a villager from Tantou Village, Yudu County, Ganzhou, Jiangxi: I feel that I have already walked on this well-off road, and I am particularly hopeful and happy for the future.

2020 is the year of resolute fight against poverty. The cadres on the front line of poverty alleviation indicated that the Charge was already sounded and they resolutely won the battle against poverty.

Qiu Jiao, deputy director of Sanbao Sub-district Office, Qinglong County, Guizhou, Xinan Prefecture, Guizhou: We will continue to make up for the shortcomings, lay a solid foundation, lay down hard bones, and win the tough battle against poverty on time and with good quality.

Yang Jiexing, the first secretary of the village of Baixun Village, Baise Village, Baise County, Guangxi Province: Work for the folks in a down-to-earth manner , continue to work hard on the front line of poverty alleviation, and use our hard sweat to make the lives of the folks go beyond prosperity

The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League dispatched Li Sheng, the First Secretary of Bohe Village, Shilou County, Shanxi Province: 2020 is the year of our comprehensive ending of poverty alleviation. To get rid of poverty and get rich is to live up to the expectations of President Xi and to live up to the expectations of the whole society.

Looking at the land of Shenzhou, there are new changes everywhere. In Deqing, Zhejiang, "the grassroots year to reduce the burden" put grass-roots cadres into battle lightly, and Lu Xinlong, secretary of the Party Branch of Zhangluwan Village, had a deep understanding of this.

Lu Xinlong, Secretary of the Party Branch of Zhangluwan Village, Luoshe Town, Deqing County, Zhejiang: As a village secretary, I really feel the effectiveness of the grassroots workload reduction , such as leading the grassroots, we no longer need to prepare a "classic route" Now, our grassroots cadres have more energy to serve the masses and do things for the people.

From personal taxes to drug prices, from 5G networks to waste sorting, these keywords in New Year's greetings have made people feel the change and happiness.

Fan Linjuan, the family member of the patient: The general secretary said in the New Year's message that many medicines commonly used by ordinary people have been reduced in price, and we feel really happy. Looking at the good medicine, our people ca n’t afford to be really anxious. Now it ’s alright, many medicines have fallen sharply, and medical insurance reimbursement can be made.

Lan Pengfei, a practitioner in the 5G industry: I hope to grow with the same young 5G industry, constantly overcome more technical difficulties, and let people experience more and more convenience of life brought by 5G to everyone.

In 2020, we are not afraid of storms or dangers. Only strive for the day and night, live up to Shaohua, and create a better life.

Li Yingying, Chinese female lineup: I am a member of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team. I hope we can continue to work hard and become more role models. I will be more motivated in 2020. I will work hard to improve my skills and achieve myself in 2020. Dream to go to the Olympics.

Lu Jinqin, Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce in Hong Kong: President Xi ’s speech speaks to us. In the new year, we also hope to speed up the construction. The many bridges and platforms in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area can fully Drive us to Hong Kong. Relying on the motherland and facing the world, give full play to the advantages of "one country, two systems".

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