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全球多国领导人发表新年贺词憧憬21世纪20年代到来 2020/01/01 Global multinational leaders issue New Year's message in anticipation of the arrival of the 1920s

2020年各国领导人新年致辞 2020/01/01 New Year's speech by leaders of 2020

“习主席的讲话让全世界人民对共同进步充满信心”——尼泊尔共产党主席普拉昌达高度评价习主席新年贺词 2020/01/01 "President Xi's speech gives people worldwide confidence in common progress" -Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal Prachanda highly praises President Xi's New Year's message

韩媒:文在寅就任总统后第三次实行特赦仍不包括朴槿惠 2020/01/01 Korean media: Moon Jae- in's third amnesty after taking office still does not include Park Geun-hye

特斯拉汽车再发车祸致2人死亡美机构展开调查 2020/01/01 Tesla car crash causes two deaths, U.S. agency launches investigation

澳大利亚首都在烟霾中迎来新年 2020/01/01 Australian capital welcomes New Year in haze

法国在大罢工中进入2020年马克龙改革决心不动摇 2020/01/01 France enters 2020 Macron's reform determination in wave of strikes

日美贸易协议生效 2020/01/01 US-U.S. Trade agreement enters into force

美国驻伊大使馆受冲击加剧中东“火药味” 2020/01/01 Impact of US ambassador to Iraq exacerbates " powder smell" in the Middle East

蓬佩奥新年出访五国首站乌克兰“重申美方支持” 2020/01/01 Pompeo's New Year's Visit to Ukraine's First Stop Ukraine "Reiterates US Support"

日报报道:中国施行密码法为数字货币铺路 Daily report 2020/01/01: China implements crypto law to pave the way for digital currency

假期购物狂欢后,美电商将迎史上“最大退货潮” After the holiday shopping spree in 2020/01/01 , US e-commerce will welcome the "biggest return wave" in history

英媒盘点2019年最佳太空照片:月球背面、恒星烟花…… 2020/01/01 Inventory of the best space photos of 2019: the back of the moon, stellar fireworks ...

德国总理新年致辞:做好这几件事,未来充满希望 2020/01 / 01German Chancellor's new year speech: Do these things well, the future is full of hope

当摄影遇到谚语:2019年的美国瞬间 2020/01/01 When photography meets the proverb: American Moments in 2019

迪拜哈利法塔上演跨年烟火秀 2020/01/01 Burj Khalifa staged New Year's fireworks show

纽约时报广场举行跨年活动 2020/01/01 New Year's Eve in Times Square

英国《经济学人》:这是2019年最重要的事 2020/01/01 The Economist: this is the most important thing for 2019

日本“无现金”支付中日韩“联盟”格局初成 2020/01/01 Japan's "cashless" payment China-Japan-Korea "alliance" pattern has just begun

法媒感叹:中国手机支付在法国站稳脚跟 2020/01/01 French media lament: Chinese mobile payment has a firm foothold in France

普京向俄民众致新年祝福:愿幸福常驻你家,帮你们战胜所有困难 2020/01/01 Putin Sends New Year's Wishes to Russian People

告别2019,新一年拉美会好吗 Farewell to 2019

世界各地迎新年【组图】 2019/12/31 Welcome New Year around the world [Photos]

全球第7大邮轮,耗资约60亿元,首航就撞了! 2019/12/31 The 7th largest cruise ship in the world, costing about 6 billion yuan, hit the first flight! (Multi-map)

智库报告:巴基斯坦2019年因恐袭死亡人数减少30% 2019/12/31 Think Tank Report: Pakistan Kills 30% in Deaths from Terrorist Attacks in 2019

土耳其航空与波音就737 MAX飞机停飞赔偿问题达成协议 2019/12/31 Turkish Airlines and Boeing reach agreement on compensation for grounding of 737 MAX aircraft

美国人口增长持续放缓 2019/12 / 31U.S. Population growth continues to slow

特朗普弹劾案将进参议院美国两党拉响选举保卫战 2019/12/31 Trump impeachment case will enter Senate

新华社评出2019年国际十大新闻 2019/12/31 Xinhua News Agency Names Top Ten International News in 2019

方向盘后的独立女性——摩洛哥女出租车司机苏阿德·迪杜 2019/12 / 31Independent woman behind the steering wheel--Moroccan female taxi driver Suad Dudou

探访非洲博物馆 2019/12 / 31Visit the African Museum

世界即将走过跌宕起伏的2019,2020年会平静吗? 2019/12/31 The world is about to go through ups and downs of 2019, will 2020 be calm?

2019年《环球时报》十大新闻来了! 2019/12/31 Top ten news from the Global Times in 2019!

荷兰改名了? 2019/12/31 Netherlands changed its name? No, only the national logo is changed

年终特稿:致回不去的2019,如果这些天可以改变…… 2019/12/31 Special Feature: To 2019 that cannot be returned, if these days can change ...

美媒盘点2019年十大最奇怪的动物故事:蛤蜊把石头当“早餐” 2019/12/30 US media inventory of the top ten weirdest animal stories of 2019: clams use stones as "breakfast"

两名中国游客在菲律宾薄荷岛溺水身亡 2019/12 / 30Two Chinese tourists drowned in Bohol Island, Philippines

台媒:5G“备战”,半导体业将被全面“引燃” 2019/12/30 Taiwan media: 5G "ready", the semiconductor industry will be "ignited"

亿万富豪2019年的五个忠告—— Five tips for 2019 billionaires in 2019-

扭转经济下滑,中国再成印度“关键选项”? 2019/12/30 Reversing the economic downturn, China becomes India's "key option" again?

年底“最后期限”已至朝美对话何去何从 The "deadline" is at the end of 2019/12/30

耿爽驳美方涉疆涉藏言论:手伸得太长,容易闪着腰 2019/12/30 Geng Shuang refutes U.S.-related Tibet and Tibet remarks: the hand is stretched too long and it is easy to blink

安倍披露四名接班人选 2019/12/30 Abe reveals four successors

2019年的恐怖袭击:“圣战主义”和“白人至上主义”盛行 12/30/2019 Terrorist attacks in 2019: "jihadism" and "white supremacy" prevail

请叫我尼德兰! 2019/12/30 Please call me Netherlands! Costing 200,000 Euros, why did the Netherlands change its name?

荷兰为什么要放弃“荷兰” 2019/12/30 Why does the Netherlands give up "the Netherlands"

韩国政府2019最后一天将特赦5174人不包括朴槿惠 2019/12/30 South Korean government will pardon 5,174 people excluding Park Geun-hye on the last day of 2019

俄媒曝普京曾两次勇闯"火屋":一次救女儿,一次救公文包 2019/12/30 Russian media exposed that Putin had dared to break into the "house of fire" twice: once to save his daughter and once to save his briefcase

美为何对“中国制造”疑神疑鬼? 2019/12/30 Why is the US suspicious of "Made in China"? Hong Kong media: self-esteem only because of injury

法国:古堡盛装迎新 France on December 30, 2019

奥巴马2019最爱书单和电影来了! 2019/12/30 Obama's 2019 favorite list and movies are here! This Chinese movie is on the list

美国情报帮俄罗斯躲过恐袭,普京电话中感谢特朗普 2019/12/30 U.S. intelligence helps Russia escape terrorist attacks, Putin thanks Trump on phone

英媒:情报部门允许华为参建5G,提供“非核心”部件 2019/12/30 British media: Intelligence department allows Huawei to participate in 5G and provide "non-core" components

特朗普公布“告密者”信息美媒:恫吓说真话的人 2019/12/30 Trump releases “whistleblower” information US media: intimidate truth tellers

宇航员海的美丽冰山 The beautiful iceberg of the astronaut sea

请回答2019,地球火殇,人类之殃? 2019/12/30 Please answer 2019, the fire of the earth, the death of human beings?

今年美国共发生41起大规模杀伤性事件已致211人死亡 2019/12/29 This year, a total of 41 mass killings in the United States have killed 211 people

“荷兰”要改名! 2019/12/29 "Netherlands" to be renamed! You have to call it like that next January

杜特尔特将正式拒访美英媒:他毫不掩饰对美鄙视 2019/12/29 Duterte will officially refuse to visit the US and British media: he will not hide his contempt for the United States

俄罗斯开采一颗190克拉钻石,或形成于20亿年前 2019/12 / 29Russia mined a 190 carat diamond, or formed 2 billion years ago