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Multinational leaders from around the world issue New Year's message in anticipation of the arrival of the 1920s

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China News Agency, Beijing, January 1st. Comprehensive news: On the arrival of 2020, leaders from many countries around the world will publish new year messages in various forms, including text, video, and congratulatory messages. Keywords look forward to the arrival of the 1920s.

Russian President Putin sent a blessing to the Russian people through a short video speech with the theme of family warmth. "I hope that the happiness of mutual understanding will always reside in your home and help you overcome all difficulties and connect generations." In Putin's view, the real magic of the New Year holiday is to provide selfless help to those in need. "The warm relationship and friendly communication between people are the most important thing." "It will show people the best side and will change the world and make happy and smile full of New Year holidays," he said.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued a New Year's speech, mentioning Japan's opening order and era in 2019, hosting the Olympic Games in 2020, and looking forward to Japan's development of a new diplomatic situation. Abe recalled that the 1964 Tokyo Olympics inspired many Japanese, including himself. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games are about to kick off, and we look forward to becoming a "wonderful event" that will give children hope and dreams for the future. For the first time in five years, Abe mentioned constitutional amendments in his New Year's speech. He said that Japan opened the order and era last year, "facing the future, and will promote major reforms related to the shape of the country. The first task is to amend the constitution."

Emperor Toruhito, who has recently been in office, also expressed his feelings that he will fulfill his duties and wish the new year "a happy year for the people of Japan and the world."

Although North Korea ’s top leader Kim Jong-un has not yet delivered a speech in the New Year 2020, his report at the recently concluded Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers ’Party of Korea has received much public attention. At the end of his 7-hour report, Kim Jong-un pointed out that in order to fight for the final victory of the revolution and to make the Korean people live a good life, the Workers' Party of Korea once again decided to launch a "hard and long struggle" and called for a vigorous opening of the way to victory to achieve socialism The ambitions and ideals of building a strong country.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said in a 2020 New Year message, "We will strive for 2020 to be a year of return to all citizens, so that the buds of change that have emerged in the midst of difficulties will blossom and bear fruit in the new year."

European leaders faced difficult problems in their new year speeches in 2020. In his New Year speech, British Prime Minister Johnson promised that Brexit would be completed within a few weeks and Britain would usher in a new chapter in history. He vowed to govern the country for all its citizens, hoping that "more prosperity and fairer opportunities will characterize the next 'extraordinary decade'."

French President Macron explained the necessity and fairness of the reform of the retirement system with the theme of social justice and social progress in a 18-minute 23-second video speech, pointed out that calm dialogue is more effective than confrontation, and urged the government and trade union organizations to expeditiously Find a settlement. Macron also mentioned topics such as environmental protection, counter-terrorism and greater European cooperation in his New Year speech. Regarding the fire in Notre Dame in 2019, Macron said, "The apex of Notre Dame is engraved with the indomitable spirit of France. We will not be crushed by the disaster. We will rebuild and stand up and build a new spire." He expressed the belief that every French person will contribute to the country and wish the coming 2020 full of faith and peace.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in the New Year's speech that "the 1920s may be a good time" and "if we openly and decisively participate in new things, we will achieve better change." Merkel called on the German people to unite, make every effort to combat climate change, defeat domestic hatred and anti-Semitism, and support Africa's development. She also said that Germany will support Europe to spread its voice to the world during its presidency of the European Union in 2020. She said that in the long run, Germany will develop well only if Europe develops well.

In addition, Indian Prime Minister Modi reposted on Twitter a video outlining India's achievements in 2019, saying it was an "excellent summary! Covering the big progress we have made in 2019. Hopefully 2020 marks a continued effort to change India, Empowering 1.3 billion Indians. "

Iranian President Rouhani sent a message of congratulations to leaders of many countries with New Year's greetings. In his congratulatory message, he hoped that "Leaders of various countries abandon unilateralism and base their thinking and actions on justice and freedom to create a year full of peace and goodwill for all mankind. To peace, security and well-being. "

US President Trump's blessing "Happy New Year!" On Twitter is considered the shortest new year message for leaders. However, Trump also reposted the interviewed video at Haihu Manor's New Year's Eve party. He mentioned issues such as North Korea and Iran in the interview, as well as impeachment cases against him. He said he was innocent and did not mind trials from the Senate. (Finish)

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