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Welfare of the sea people: Talking about a Haicang food, let you eat "coming out of the wall"!

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Speaking of eating

Haicang has the famous "Hangcang Three Treasures" inside and outside the island

Soil bamboo shoots

Earthen soup

Scalloped octopus

Because of its excellent location

There are also various delicious raw seafood

Do n’t miss it when passing by ~

Hearty Haicang Jun

I'm here to send benefits !

Fatty oysters

Sweet and delicious prawns and crabs

Soft and tender steak

Fatty but not fatty Dongpo meat

Exquisite dessert

These Chinese and Western high-end dishes

Eat as you like until you get out of the wall

It's time for welfare! !! !!

As long as you leave a message under this article, you have eaten the most delicious Haicang food.

As of 12 noon tomorrow, the top 3 with the highest number of comments , Haicang Jun will give you a free one-time lunch buffet for the weekend at Wyndham Grand Hotel, worth 198 yuan !

Worry about your message

Not necessarily getting the most likes?

But I really want to eat and drink

Haicang Jun has a second wave of benefits !

Don't 399

Don't 299

Actually! !! !!

It's only 99 yuan now! !!

Such a good price

Haicang Jun only tells you

Tomorrow (April 20) at 11:00

[Wyndham Grand Plaza Xiamen Hotel] Buffet discount for a limited time

Grab on time!

Ways to purchase

1. Pay attention to the "Haicang Today" WeChat public account (already a fan, you can skip this step ~)

2. Enter " Eat in Haicang " in the WeChat dialog box and click Send

3. After receiving the "entry ticket" from Haicang Jun, you can buy it directly in the mall!

What is delicious

Waiting to get into your bowl?


Xingchan Western Restaurant

Weekend Single Lunch Buffet

Store original price 198 yuan / person

Spike price 99 yuan / person

Lose 12

Rush time: 11:00, April 20, 2018

Use time: April 21-June 30, 2018


Single buffet dinner + 90 yuan buffet voucher

Buffet dinner original price 298 yuan / person

Spike price 148 yuan / person

Meals are valid on weekdays and weekends

Includes 90 yuan voucher to deduct buffet lunch / dinner

Based on market price credit, limited to next consumption

Use time: April 20th-July 31st, 2018


Spring Gift Pack

The original price was 2688 yuan, including the total price of 5274 yuan.

5% discount on spike deals (after discount 2553.6 yuan / set)

Lose 12


Chun Xuan Chinese Restaurant Banquet 1 to 10 persons / seat (worth 2688 yuan)

1 luxury room voucher (without breakfast) (worth 2200 yuan)

1 Xingchan Western Restaurant Buffet Dinner Voucher (worth 298 yuan)

1 bottle of imported dry red wine (valued at RMB 88)

Use time: April 20th-June 30th, 2018

Chinese menu has two options 

Chinese Feast Menu Swipe Up

A section

Welcome four-color disc

White cut bass jellyfish

One of two choices of sea-boiled abalone winged belly (Yaozhu Yipin Maw)

Chongwu Fish Roll Steamed Polong

Steamed Green Bleu with Yellow Pepper Sauce (Cantonese Style Steamed Bleu)

Steamed Scallops with Garlic Vermicelli

Amber and Black Pepper Cowboy Dried (Dried Fried River Chicken)

Xiamen impression three-color spell (Xiamen sea oyster fried shrimp cake)

Casserole with sea radish and radish

Fried Mountain Fungus with Celery Lily

Seasoned Vegetables

Scallion Seafood Noodles (Xiamen Seafood Fried Noodles)

One of the famous Xiamen peanut soup (papaya stew and double snow)

Gaobu Yunji Seasonal Fruit

Section B

Exquisite four-color disc

Minnan Impression Seafood Fight

Dingtanghai fresh flower gelatine (Dingtang wing group sea cucumber)

Golden garlic

Cantonese style steamed green spot

Sesame oil ginger fried Hetian chicken (amber cowboy)

Laojie Spiced Vinegar Meat (flavored shrimp cake with red sauce)

Four Things Stewed Muscovy Duck

Three fresh black tofu in stone pot

Huaishan Fried Fungus

Seasoned Vegetables

Chopped seafood mustard rice with spring onion (fishing seaweed wonton rice)

Two choices of iced flower papaya stew Shuangxue (Coconut Sago)

Gaobu Yunji Seasonal Fruit

If you bought it successfully

Please note the expiration date of different meal coupons

And remember to book the day before meal ~~

For details and reservations, please call:


By the beautiful Haicang Bay

Sitting in a five-star luxury hotel

Tasting food

Have such a comfortable life


Just two steps:


Leave a comment under this article

Your favorite Haicang food

Get a chance to get a free buffet coupon!



Set an alarm for tomorrow at 11 am

Ready to open the spike spike package!

Copywriter / Editor: Tingting Zhang

Proofreading: Wang Yue

Two thousand people at home and abroad gathered in Haicang to commemorate this "male god" with hundreds of millions of fans ...

Wonderful! Haicang was praised by experts and scholars on both sides of the strait for this incident. Countless Taiwanese youths also ...

The "combat power" of this open industry is upgraded again! A total investment of 4.6 billion yuan settled in Haicang!

Don't forget to give Zan to Haicang ~

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