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厦门大学一副教授免费训练6万跑者 2020/01/22 An associate professor at Xiamen University trains 60,000 runners for free

开禾路125号:昔为红色遗址今是厦门爱心绽放地 2020/01/22 No. 125 Kaihe Road: The site was once red

厦门近6万名高中生今起开始放假 2020/01/22 Nearly 60,000 high school students in Xiamen are on holiday now

“寒假不是用来休息的”,那干吗要放假? 2020/01/21 "Winter vacation is not for rest", why do you want to take a vacation?

当代艺术家闵一耀16幅作品在厦展出(图) 2020/01/21 16 works by contemporary artist Min Yiyao on display in Xiamen (pictured)

两部院线影片将在厦门开拍 2020/01/21 Two cinematic films will be filmed in Xiamen

十所中学数百学生义演义卖助学| 爱心厦门 2020/01/21 Hundreds of students from ten middle schools provide charity sales aids | Love Xiamen

糖画甜年味浓海峡导报亲子营探索非遗艺术 2020/01/21 Sweet painting sweet year Wei Nong Straits Herald Parent-child camp exploring non-heritage art

鹭岛新年将奉上235道文旅“大菜” 2020/01/21 Ludao will offer 235 cultural tourism "dish" in the New Year

一带一路·国际电影合作展全球发布会暨金鸡厦门影视项目联合签约仪式开幕 2020/01/20 The Belt and Road Initiative · International Film Cooperation Exhibition Global Launch Conference and Golden Rooster Xiamen Film and Television Project Joint Signing Ceremony Opens

钟宅畲族社区举行“童心传承•快乐研学”非遗传统文化 2020/01/20 Zhongzhai Dai community holds " Children's Heart Inheritance • Happy Research" non-heritage traditional culture

人物志 2020/01/20 Characters

与爱同行,情满鹭岛——首部爱心厦门建设动漫视频上线了! 2020/01/20 Travel with love and love Lulu Island-the first love Xiamen construction animation video is online!

235道“文旅大菜” 春节期间陆续登场 2020/01/20 235 "Culture and Tourism Dish " debut during the Spring Festival

过年新时尚看谁春联写得好导报主办“仁杰兴”杯春联书写比赛举行 2020/01/20 New Year's fashion to see who is well written by the Spring Festival Leadership host "Renjiexing" Cup Spring Festival Writing Competition held

陈志明-邵江海片段 2020/01/19 Chen Zhiming-Shao Jianghai fragment

厦门一中、双十中学等多所市直属校领导调整 2020/01/19 Leadership adjustment of Xiamen First Middle School and Double Ten Middle Schools

【新春走基层】春节到元宵期间厦门235道“文旅大菜”将陆续登场 2020/01/19 [New Year's walk at the grassroots level] Xiamen's 235 "cultural tourism dishes" will appear one after another from the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival

厦门科技馆全新海洋展厅对外开放潜入10900米海沟深处看看下面的世界 2020/01/19 The new marine exhibition hall of Xiamen Science and Technology Museum opens to the outside world, dives into the depth of 10,900 meters, and looks at the world below

翔安一中连续四届为高三学生举办成人宣誓仪式用责任和担当拥抱18岁的到来 2020/01/19 Xiang'an No. 1 Middle School holds adult swearing ceremony for senior high school students for the fourth consecutive year, with responsibility and responsibility to embrace the arrival of 18

众星汇聚厦门见证2020年影视项目启动 2020/01/18 Stars gather in Xiamen to witness the launch of film and television projects in 2020

“非遗过大年,文化进万家”——厦门新春、元宵非遗活动大汇总! 2020/01/18 "Non-Heritage has celebrated the New Year, and culture has grown into tens of thousands " -Xiamen New Year and Lantern Festival non-heritage activities summary Hurry up with your friends ~

家长们注意! Parents pay attention! In 2020, the province's middle school entrance examination and senior high school quality inspection time are set! Learn about these things!

774万册次! 2020/01/18 7.74 million copies! Xiamen Library hits record high in annual books! These 10 books are most popular

“公学”面孔的普惠优质教育翔安探索 2020/01/18 Exploring inclusive high-quality education in “public school” Xiang'an

厦门民警合唱团将登陆中央广播电视总台2020网络春晚 2020/01/18 Xiamen Police Choir will land on the Central Radio and Television Central Network Spring Festival 2020

学费上万! 2020/01/18 Tuition Fees! Xiamen's early education institutions suddenly closed? Hundreds of parents want to defend their rights

2020中考取消竞赛类加分 2020/01/18 Cancellation of extra points for 2020 high school entrance examination

高三省市质检时间确定 2020/01 / 18The quality inspection time of the senior three provinces and cities is determined

2020全省中考时间定了! 2020/01/17 The time for the 2020 provincial entrance examination is set! Two more changes!

厦大“书神”一年借阅1012册图书 2020/01/17 Xiamen University "Book God" borrows 1012 books a year

鼠年生肖文物艺术品在厦门市博物馆展出(图) 2020/01/17 Relic art works of the Chinese zodiac to be exhibited in Xiamen Museum (pictured)

一博士生平均每天“泡馆”十小时! On 2020/01/17, a doctoral student will “bubble hall” for an average of ten hours a day! Xiamen University announces library report 2019

老照片+老物件再现厦门百年珍贵记忆 2020/01/17 Old photos + old objects reproduce precious memories of Xiamen

2019海峡(翔安)好声音决出各组别冠军 2020/01/17 2019 Strait (Xiang'an) Good Voice Decides the Champions of Each Group

闽南神韵签约《小小雷锋·舞台剧》 2020/01/17 Minnan Shenyun signs "Little Leifeng · Stage Play"

新电影项目在厦取景 New movie project in Xiamen

中国首部原创大型剧情版马戏《花木兰》将在厦首演 2020/01/16 China's first original large-scale plot circus "Mulan" will premiere in Xiamen

新展丨薪火相传——李霞、李耕、黄羲、张英名家中国画作品特展 2020/01/15 New Exhibition 丨 Passing on the Legs -Li Xia, Li Geng, Huang Yan , Zhang Ying Special Exhibition of Chinese Painting Works

多家知名足校派队征战“马约翰杯”厦门青少年足球邀请赛 2020/01/15 Many well-known football schools send teams to compete in "Ma John Cup" Xiamen Youth Football Invitational

60天赛程近千选手参赛! 2020/01/15 Nearly a thousand players in the 60-day schedule! 2019 Strait (Xiang'an) Good Voice Singer Contest ends successfully

厦门“90后”女孩执导短片获国际奖 2020/01/15 Xiamen's "90s" girl directed short film won international award

客家题材纪录片《匠村》在厦首映 2020/01/15 Premiere of Hakka documentary `` Carpenter Village '' in Xiamen

2020“马约翰杯”厦门青少年足球邀请赛即将开战 2020/01/14 2020 "Ma John Cup" Xiamen Youth Football Invitational is about to start

厦门教育培训哪家强? 2020/01/14 Which is better in Xiamen education and training? Please see this list!

厦门城中村图书馆:为“外来娃”打开一扇窗 2020/01/14 Xiamen Urban Village Library: Open a window for "foreign baby"

厦门市教育局:教育改革“红利”惠及每个孩子 2020/01/14 Xiamen Education Bureau: Educational Reform "Bonus" Benefits Every Child

厦门高三和福州初三市质检作文题新鲜出炉,还有这些消息…… 2020/01/13 The quality control essay questions of Xiamen High School and Fuzhou Junior High City are freshly released, and these news ...

新媒体艺术作品展览在嘉禾良库举行 2020/01/13 Exhibition of New Media Art Works Held in Jiahe Liangku

中老年模特教父徐川:用肢体语言打破传统束缚 2020/01/13 Xu Chuan, the godfather of middle-aged and elderly models, breaks traditional constraints with body language

中国经济如何实现高质量发展? 2020/01/12 How does China's economy achieve high-quality development? Nobel Laureate in Economics Contributes

职业院校学生奖助学金金额和获奖人数提高 2020/01/12 Higher vocational students' scholarships and awards increased

2019年度国家科学技术奖出炉厦门六项科技成果获奖 2020/01/12 Six national science and technology awards in Xiamen

中职生上大学最新考试方案公布 2020/01/11 The latest test plan for secondary vocational students to go to college announced

福建省教师招考方案出台! 2020/01/11 Fujian Provincial Teacher Recruitment Scheme is released! Can editors report? When will Xiamen recruitment plan come out?

传承“闽台送王船”文化厦门同安吕厝成立传习中心 2020/01/10 Inheriting the Culture of "Fujian and Taiwan Sending King Boats" Xiamen Tongan Lvjing Establishes Learning Center

最美教师高至凡:短暂一生因音乐不凡 2020/01/10 The most beautiful teacher Gao Fanfan: a short life due to extraordinary music

厦门爱心人士送公益教材让上万名学生免费享受优质教育资源 2020/01/10 Xiamen loving people send public welfare teaching materials to allow tens of thousands of students to enjoy high-quality educational resources for free

六位闽籍艺术家登鹭展“墨象三味” 2020/01/10 Six Fujian Artists Climb to "Ink Elephants Three Tastes "

用歌声告白厦门一少儿合唱团再次登上央媒 2020/01/10 Singing a confession to a Xiamen Children's Choir again on the Central Media