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2020 begins a new 10 years, the imagination of primary school students in Xiamen is full of new hope

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● In the kitchen, "beer belly" robots "eat" garbage

● Environment-friendly trains are divided into mountain road mode and ocean mode

● Ping-pong-shaped suspension car picks people up and down to work

导报记者 朱黄 曾宇姗 叶晓菲 孙春燕 余健平 林泓 陆军航) 2020,开启一个新的10年,人们对未来充满着期盼和展望。 Taiwan Straits Network January 1 (Straits Herald reporter Zhu Huang Zeng Yushan Ye Xiaofei Sun Chunyan Yu Jianping Lin Hong Army Aviation) In 2020, a new decade will begin, and people are full of expectations and expectations for the future. What is life like 10 years from now? We have no "standard answer", but the children's imagination is full of infinite hope.

Here, 10 10-year-old pupils have their brains wide open, making wild speculations about the changes in people's lifestyle 10 years later ...

In the eyes of adults, children's unrestricted imagination is more like a warm greeting to the new era: we are here, we will witness the times together, and we will conquer the future together!

Robot eats garbage

● Yang Yuchen Class 4 (3) of Xiang'an Sheshan Elementary School

From the perspective of Yang Yuchen, a four-year (3) class at Sheshan Elementary School in Xiang'an District, ten years later, the shadow of nature is everywhere in the city, and greenery is everywhere.

In ancient times, there was "pointing stone into gold", and Yang Yuchen thought that there would be "pointing water into dishes" ten years later. She explained that in response to the problem of pesticide residues in vegetables today, a new type of environmentally friendly nutrient solution will be produced in the future, which can allow plants to grow quickly. For example, people only need to put a handful of mung beans in the pot, add a new type of environmentally friendly nutrient solution, and no pesticides are needed. The next day, they can grow a pot of yellow and yellow bean sprouts and stir-fry into a plate of delicious bean sprouts. Real green. Harmless vegetables. "White garbage" is a serious pollution to the city. Ten years later, "white trash" will be completely eliminated and replaced by truly degradable bags. Yang Yuchen portrayed: "People use this bag to pack things back, and then knead them into balls and dishwashing liquid in the evening. The bag can become a" dishwashing cloth "and then wash dishes, then gradually melt into the dishwashing water and turn into foam. . "

The large amount of domestic garbage generated every day will not only occupy land resources, but also pollute the environment. Yang Yuchen envisioned that ten years later, scientists have invented a kitchen robot, which can not only wash pots and dishes, but most importantly has a "beer belly" that can eat food waste. As long as the "beer belly" button is pressed, the robot will be slow Slowly digest all the food waste, and then convert it into battery life.

By environmental train

● Yichen Chen Four-year (1) class of Datong Elementary School

Chen Yizhen, 10, has lived in Xiamen since childhood. This year's National Day, she watched the parade on the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China on television , with magnificent momentum. Ten years later, she thought of watching a military parade in Tiananmen Square.

In the past ten years, my mom and dad have taken Yiyi to many places, to experience the northwestern scenery in Gansu and Qinghai, to the mountains and rivers in Guilin, and to experience the prosperity of the city in Hong Kong, but she has not seen snow. In 2030, she is an adult. In addition to studying hard, she also wants to help herself, traveling to distant Harbin, and seeing how the snow is flying. She goes to Sichuan, hoping to meet good friends who have transferred to school there, and share her experience in the past ten years. And experience.

At that time, travel does not have to be by air, and high-tech high-speed rail can better meet Chen Yizheng's expectations. Where the track passes, the scenery is richer. The environmentally-friendly train is divided into mountain road mode and ocean mode. The former can rotate 360 degrees, and the latter has an indestructible glass device. If long-distance travel can be like rides, the journey will be less tiring.

Towards the end of the period, academic pressure has unknowingly intensified. Every weekend, Chen Yizheng also attends extracurricular interest classes, learning to write brush calligraphy, painting, writing, and recitation, as well as table tennis and English classes. Ten years later, she hopes that she can maintain these hobbies and improve her skills in all aspects.

Chen Yichen also has some good wishes. I hope that the children in the future will not have so much homework and learn more easily.

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