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Teacher looking at students' winks

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Original Title: Teachers Seeing "Winking" Lectures by Students

C language is a general-purpose computer programming language. Its complicated formulas, intractable codes, and tedious steps once made many freshmen a daunting ...... But when it came to Wang Junxiang, a teacher of Software Engineering College of Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, it became a hang The course with the lowest subject rate and highest completion.

In her opinion, education is an achievement that can enrich students' professional knowledge and humanities. In the eighteenth year of teaching and educating people, standing on the familiar podium, several silver wires creeped up on his head, but Wang Junxiang's eyes were still clear and firm.

"The teacher is right next to you"

"Do you know how many advanced technologies are integrated in this small mobile phone chip?" In the class, Wang Junxiang introduced the current status of China's chip manufacturing industry to students. "The key to achieving breakthroughs in chip core technology is to cultivate a batch of A high-quality research and development force that can look up at the stars and down to the ground. "

As a software basics teacher, Wang Junxiang's biggest task is to do what seems to be ordinary but the least common.

The design goal of the C language is to provide a programming language that can easily compile, process low-level memory, generate a small amount of machine code, and run without any operating environment support. The learning difficulty is self-evident: after one semester of study , Many freshmen have the idea of changing professions.

As a teacher, Wang Junxiang is eager to change this situation in order to improve students' learning interest and teaching effectiveness. After a bit of meditation, she learned to "look at students and act."

"Students' learning status can actually be seen through their expressions, stretched expressions, or eye contact with me, and I know that they understand this point of knowledge; on the contrary, if they are silent and frowning, absent-minded, there must be a problem "Wang Junxiang constantly adjusted the progress and difficulty of teaching to make sure that every student understood.

When encountering a student with learning difficulties, Wang Junxiang would talk to him: "Don't be discouraged, keep going, learning like climbing a mountain, going up the harder. As long as you don't give up, there is always learning when you are there, and the teacher is there for you. There is a problem You can always consult me one-on-one. "

Fierce teacher in class

"In the minds of the students, I'm probably the kind of teacher who is very fierce." Wang Junxiang said with a smile. The students knew that she had a rigid rule: homework must be submitted on time, and all late submissions were not accepted.

"Of course I don't mean to torture them, but I want to tell them the importance of this course in a strict way." Wang Junxiang said that the C language is the basis for their future professional studies and a "stepping stone" for future employment. They are not only closed to professionalism, but also to employment.

Students learn from screaming at the beginning and get bored afterwards, and their inertia gradually decreases. "Although it is a bit harsh, whenever there is a teacher's class, we have to carefully check whether the assigned homework is completed and how good it is. Sometimes students remind each other and dare not be sloppy." Said student Li Li, in a subtle way. Cultivate a rigorous and rigorous learning attitude, and other disciplines will learn in this way.

In teaching, Wang Junxiang also uses online and offline methods such as online video teaching, online answering questions, and experimental reports outside the classroom to accurately train students from both practical and theoretical aspects, so that students can be practical and step by step. More robust.

She attaches great importance to the updating of self-knowledge, and explores a student-centered teaching method suitable for teaching. "I know very well that if I want to teach the lesson well, I must never follow the instructions. I am willing to spend more time in class to update my knowledge, pay attention to scientific research trends, and ensure that what I teach is fresh."

"Good friends" after class

Some students asked her as soon as she entered the school. Will the employment be paid in the future? Wang Junxiang said: "The premise of high wages is sweat and ability, and only rewards will be rewarded." Wang Junxiang guided students to put their minds into practice and practice basic skills.

In the class, Wang Junxiang is a rigorous and even rigorous teacher; after class, she likes to interact with students and be their intimate friends.

She was impressed by the class of 2011. "At that time, his family was more difficult. He went to work in a restaurant shortly after going to school. He usually didn't talk much, but was very hard in his studies." During the class, Wang Junxiang took the initiative to talk to the committee and ask him about his study And how the restaurant business waits.

When Wang Junxiang took the last course, "JS Framework", she asked the students to make a work. The committee made a pop-up box in the picture, which said: "Teacher, I want to say to you, thank you!"

A "thank you" gave Wang Junxiang great comfort and moved. "In fact, I just exchanged and shared some life and learning experiences with him. Now it seems that these words and deeds are the marks of love branded on the students." Wang Junxiang said.

Standing on the three-foot podium, relying on skilled professional knowledge and rigorous academic spirit, Wang Junxiang practiced the true feelings and true love of the life mentor, lighting up one light after another in the hearts of students. (Hu Hangyu Zheng Qisong Zhang Xinyang)

(Sun Jing)

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